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Adorable decor items (with a little touch of DIY)

14 Feb 2014
Living in a student house restricts my freedom somewhat with regards to decoration and colour schemes. Fortunately however, landlords seem to love the red and white theme, which coincidentally happens to be a favourite of mine. I adore cute items for your bedroom, and am always on the lookout for new ideas, so I decided to pick out a few of my favourites for you.

Apologies for the below average photography; unfortunately my student budget does not extend to a DSLR camera, so I am sticking with the iphone/compact digital camera for now!

I recently received this little gem in the post from my cousin, and it is simply adorable. When people are buying gifts for me, even if they don't know me that well, they always seem to get the colour scheme spot on. I have come to the realisation that perhaps the combination of my pale skin and dark hair points everyone in the same direction, which is pretty handy! The addition of a tiny label saying 'warmth' adds extra cuteness to this for me. I have no idea where it was purchased, but I am forever coming across them in unique gift shops. There may even be a blog post coming soon on how to make your own...

Here is an amazing canvas that my very own sister made for me as an extra birthday present! She has her own in her room and I loved it so much, but never thought that she might make one for me! I love any pictures that are centred around a city in the night-time, so this was perfect for my room. My artistic skills are nowhere near hers, but she's actually written a blog post on how to create it here, so go check it out! 

This is one of Urban Outfitters 'tapestries', which means it isn't restricted to a bed cover. I think it's gorgeous, and the perfect red for my room. They're pricey, but not too much, in my opinion, at around £30-£50.

This is a white set of drawers purchased from Next, over a year ago. You can absolutely find them everywhere though! Many have cute vintage extras on them, but I bought this plain white one so that I could customise it easily. All I did was cut out petite hearts from my favourite paper (from Paperchase), and stuck them on! Simples.

Sometimes life just gets too stressful.Work is too much, money is tight, and the only thing left to do is to open a few bottles of wine (with the last of your cash), and relax with friends. That is why I thought placing this on my door was a brilliant idea. 

Check out this adorable cushion that my housemate Georgie made me for my birthday! She is a very talented Fashion and Design student and she made this and one for another housemate in a day! It's adorable and she knows me well enough to be sure that I love sweets.

And there we have it, a small look into my bedroom. As you can tell, my style is very 'cutesy', as a lot of people put it. Let me know if you have any favourite stores to find things for your room like these!

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