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Who says adults can't go to Disneyland?

13 Feb 2014
My sister turned 18 last September, and as it was a special birthday, my parents and I decided on an extra specially magical idea.

Now I'm a Disney fan, a huge Disney fan, but my sister is also a film fanatic in general, and is obsessed with anything Disney related. There were numerous talks about her working in Disneyland on a gap year, or going for a summer trip with her friends for years, but it never worked out. So in January 2013, when I was participating in a daily browse of the Disneyland Paris website, an idea suddenly dawned on me: what if Tash and I took a surprise trip there for her birthday? The prospect of this filled me with excitement, and it wasn't even for my birthday. I told my parents; they loved the idea, and for 8 months I had to keep the secret.

8 months later...

And there we were in Disneyland Paris. We set out to the park at 9am (before gates even opened!), ready to behave like children in the dreamland that is Disneyland. As you can see from the picture, we visited around Halloween, which I thought was a shame as orange and black are not colours I enjoy usually, but it was still incredible!

Although the weather was grey and dreary, it didn't affect our mood, and the park was just as magical and beautiful as we'd imagined. 

Of course we couldn't miss the afternoon parade, as you can see here the park was packed!

The little Mad Hatter's Tea Cups ride was adorable, and the lanterns when switched on at night were mesmerising.

On our last night in the park we were caught in a hailstorm, and ran to Planet Hollywood for a very pricey, but very delicious meal. It was pretty 'cool', and full of musical memorabilia. The staff were lovely, and it was a great end to a wonderful two days in the park, (what a shame we didn't have more time!)

We went to Ladurée on our last day on Les Champs-Elysées, and I can honestly say that I have never tasted such delectable macarons in my entire life. I only ended up having one and it was raspberry flavoured, but ever since I have regretted my decision not to buy more. If you ever visit Paris - go there!

Some of you may be thinking wait a second, I'm not sure about visiting Disneyland as a 20 year old? Well this trip answers that question very simply; you are never too old for Disney. The rides were not as thrilling as the UK theme park rides I usually go on, but they were so enchanting and so beautiful that it was hard to fault them. Tasha's favourite was the Rock n' Rollercoaster and Peter Pan's Flight, but mine would have to be either Big Thunder Mountain, or Obitron. Obitron was nothing more than boring in the daytime for me, but with the park is open till 10 o'clock, we tried it in the nightime. Flying around in little spaceships with a view of all the wonderful colourful lights across the whole park was nothing short of amazing. 

The whole park was magical, especially in the dark, so I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a little sprinkle of pixie dust in their lives...

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