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An Instantly Uplifting Playlist

18 Feb 2014

To me, music will always have the power to enhance, or to destroy my mood. Sometimes it's a wonderfully delicate, soothing acoustic that transforms me, but usually it's an uplifting, fast tempo melody. Anyway, I was feeling particularly upbeat this morning, and decided to compose a list of my favourite elevating and inspiring songs, and just why they are so great. Some are incredibly predictable, but others are less well-known, so please do read on as you might find a few you've never heard of!

PS. All the songs are at the bottom of the post in my Spotify playlist; have a listen!

1. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons

The melody and general feel of the music reflects the lyrics and the title perfectly,  and it's a great upbeat song to walk to. The band were actually playing in Leeds a few months ago and somehow I managed to miss it. Tragic.

2. Rather Be - Clean Bandit

You know when you find a song, and it's just so good that you go completely over the top and listen to it on repeat all day, everyday? That definitely happened with Clean Bandit's latest hit, and I found this brilliant acoustic YouTube cover of it that should definitely have more views.

3. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities

No, not the Taylor Swift song which features in The Hunger Games and is definitely not uplifting. This is not to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it and have no idea why it's not a more well-known song.

4. Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield

Ever since I came across this song in Bend It Like Beckham (great film if you don't already know it), I've been completely obsessed. That is all.

6. High Hopes Kodaline

What an incredible song, it's not upbeat at all, but the gentleness of it certainly creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. I found this wonderful cover by Leah Louise on YouTube.

7. Good Day - Ron Pope

I feel like this guy doesn't get enough exposure for his wonderful music. The melody is less upbeat and 'fun' than others in my list, but it's still my go to when I'm feeling particularly negative. 'Not living without hope' is the key theme, which is so true, and such an integral part in making sure your day is the best it can be.

8. Happy - Pharrell Williams

The name says it all, and the fact that this song features in Despicable Me 2, the best and the cutest film ever, means it must be a pretty good.

8. Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

This is what I would call a 'dancey' tune, that is to say, it's so catchy and easy to sing to that it's impossible not to feel slightly more optimistic and raring to go after listening to it.

9. Baby I'm Yours - Breakbot

This song holds lovely memories for me due to the person who introduced me to it, but if I took away the memories, it'd still be a great song.

10. Beautiful Day U2

Perhaps the most predictable of them all, but I refuse to leave it off the list. I put this on in the morning when the day is looking particularly dull and dreary, and it never fails to lift my mood slightly and help me to feel positive.

11. You've Got The Love Florence + The Machine

I've seen Florence live quite a few times, and the atmosphere is just incredible when this song is performed.

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