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Sweet Cinnamon French Toast & Caramelised Banana

24 Feb 2014
French toast (or eggy bread to some) is incredible. But after years of sticking to the same old standard white bread and beaten egg recipe, I decided to branch out and opt for something a little sweeter. As a result, an array of sweet cinnamon and caramelised banana French toast was created.

Now the secret for me is the use of brioche, a sweet French bread. I've tried this recipe with a normal white loaf before, and it just doesn't seem to fit the bill because there's a lack of sweetness.

You can omit or add ingredients as you please, this is just the recipe I use:

1 egg
3 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp sugar
1 banana

Add all your ingredients to a fairly shallow bowl, and beat using either a whisk or a fork.

Now it's time to prepare the bananas; cut them into whatever shape and size you desire, and cover each side with sugar. I find the simplest way to do this is to sprinkle some sugar onto a plate, and simply roll them in it.

Once the bananas are prepared, dip each side of the bread into the egg mixture, heat some oil or butter in a frying pan at medium heat, and place the bread into the pan.

Either add the bananas to the same pan, or use a separate one. These should take a minute or two on either side, so be careful as they burn easily!

 Once both the bread and banana are browned on both sides, remove from the pan and serve.

This is my favourite breakfast recipe, and so incredibly easy but effective! I've also adapted the recipe to include a drizzle of honey, or golden syrup on the top.You could even go wild and melt some chocolate!

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