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The Beginning

13 Feb 2014

After a ridiculous amount of time racking my brain for blog post ideas, I finally realised my problem, and the obstacle in the way of inspiration; that was fear. An anxiety about what readers may think; worry that my friends and anyone who knew me would laugh and deem my ideas stupid, and a fear that my ideas would be unoriginal or just plain boring.

More recently however, and partly due to my New Year’s Resolutions which I am determined to succeed in this year, I am deciding to bite the bullet and begin. I would consider myself to be a creative person, but my ability to come up with ideas is hindered by the constant fear that nothing will be good enough.

Having said this, I realised that I have not tried hard enough yet. If I muck up along the way, if this blog never progresses anywhere, then at least I can say that I tried. At end of the day, who should it be more for than me? Even if all I ever have is ten readers, or even none; who cares? If you enjoy it then you should just go for it!
2 comments on "The Beginning"
  1. Hi there :) the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is one of my favourites. I was in the same position when I first started my blog - I was too bothered by what people would think, I'm trying hard to overcome this and write just for me! Love the post :) Xx

    1. Mine too! It's such a common issue, but I'm so happy there's been such an increase of bloggers in the past year because it's definitely giving the rest of us the confidence! Thanks! Good luck with your blog :) x


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