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Exploring Covent Garden: Part One

9 Mar 2014
One 4 1/2 hour coach journey and £2.70 down, (this was genuinely the amount it cost to get from Leeds to London), and I was in London: the capital of England and one of my favourite places in the world. I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like to there, but when I do, I fall in love all over again with the place. Fortunately, I have a great excuse to visit this year, because my boyfriend lives pretty much in the very heart of it. My home is also not too far on the train from London, so I even managed to pester my mum into spending the day with me! We decided that it'd be a treat for me to wonder around one of my favourite areas of London: Covent Garden; and of course had my camera at the ready to take some photos!

Be warned: My day was centred around food, as I have come to realise are most of my days.

I was devastated when Disney stores began to close down across the country, so I was delighted to find one in Covent Garden. It did make me feel incredibly nostalgic about my trip to Disneyland Paris in October though!

Naturally, I was drawn to any window display with patisserie goods inside!

We ended up in Le Pain Quotidien for lunch; if you haven't heard of it, then it's a wonderful, quaint little French café. The menu looked amazing, and although I'm usually an order as much as you can, always desiring a full meal kind of girl, the selection of sandwiches on offer was too tempting to resist.

I instantly ordered the raspberry lemonade, whilst mum went for an apple and pear juice; both were incredibly yummy and tasted wonderfully fresh and homemade. I'm always drawn to the homemade options because they never fail to delight me, and even I found an anomaly then they would still be healthy, right? I then got stuck into a smoked chicken and mozzarella toasted 'tartine', whilst my mum enjoyed a goats cheese and beetroot tartine. They were both absolutely delicious, and filled us up until we were ready for some afternoon tea and cake. I also felt pretty healthy after my lunch, which doesn't happen often because I am always drawn to the sinful option, so that was a plus!

Both of us being chatterboxes, we had a lot to talk about; and so we finished off our lunch with a cup of tea. I tried the Masala Chai which was all the more tasty because it was served in such a cute little teapot!

And so part 1 of my trip to London draws to a close. I feel like I didn't even manage to get much done, but it was just so lovely to see my mum and my boyfriend after some time apart. Part 2 will be shorter, featuring another café, some walking, and a certain famous patisserie with very colourful treats...

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2 comments on "Exploring Covent Garden: Part One"
  1. I L.O.V.E Convent Garden! Never been to Le Pain Quotidien but I'll have to try and go when I'm next in London, the food looks delicious :)

    1. It's adorable and the atmosphere is great! It's got some seriously yummy dessert type things as well :) x


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