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Exploring Covent Garden: Paul, Ladurée, and The Tea House

12 Mar 2014
I promised a part two to my short trip to London, and here it is...

I always say that I have a sweet tooth, because I seem to enjoy every kind of dessert possible, and crave Sticky Toffee Pudding pretty much every hour of the day. So when my Mum suggested popping into Paul and Ladurée for afternoon tea and some sweet treats, I was incredibly smiley. I must mention that we also unintentionally walked past this amazing tea shop called The Tea House in Covent Garden; never have I seen so many teas in my life! It was adorable, and definitely made me think about testing a few new flavours.

We ended up in Paul for our tea and cake, and I couldn't help but admire the beautiful array of goodies they had to offer!

If there's one dessert that I will always pick, apart from Sticky Toffee, then it's Crêpes. I adore them, and pancakes have been my favourite food since I was a child so when they're present on a menu, I can't resist. I picked 'Crêpe Poire Chocolat', aka pear and chocolate, and it was definitely a winner! It also made me incredibly excited to go to France next year and discover some of their best Patisseries and Boulangeries!

After a nice long catch up, we moved onto the famous Ladurée. It was interesting for me because I visited the Parisien shop back in October, and I must say that the London one was, although lovely, slightly less impressive in comparison. That's not to say it wasn't adorable, colourful, and enticing, but in my opinion Paris is unbeatable; and why wouldn't it be, it originated in France after all!

Oh how I wish I could've stayed in there longer and purchased one of the glittery ones!

 We bought this little box of Macarons for the family; it was £14 for 8, but just look how cute and colourful they are! I genuinely have no idea how anyone can dislike them! I went for a Raspberry, and Mum got a chocolate, vanilla, orange blossom, pistachio and praline. They were all absolutely, and predictably, delicious.

With a full stomach we headed back to Waterloo, and I managed to get this nice shot (as nice as a shot
from a compact camera can be) of the Thames. There's something so magical about being anywhere with water for me, so I made us stop for a long time to admire the view!

 Let me know what your favourite places are in Covent Garden or London in general, as I'm always looking for places to visit when I head down there!

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