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My First Ever Trip to Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 2)

3 Mar 2014
Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Edinburgh, and Scotland for the first time. I wrote Part 1 over here, so if you want to see what I got up to on my first day then take a look!

Our first point of interest of Arthur's Seat. I actually love hiking (when I'm not being dragged up a mountain by my parents), so it was a real shame that I couldn't stay for longer, because I would've loved to climb it. Last year my friend lived in a Halls of Residence which had a view of the hill; how incredible is that!

I will acknowledge that this is just a picture of a park, but I think it's pretty, and I love parks.

I was eager to take a stroll (or climb, as everywhere in Edinburgh seemed to be a hill), along the most touristy street in Edinburgh: The Royal Mile.

As you can see from the pictures, it was full of Scottish themed shops and although I was running out of time and couldn't have a peek inside, they were pretty fun to look at.

There was certainly an abundance of 'kiltmakers'!

We passed many bagpipe players along the streets which truly gave the city a Scottish atmosphere, so i'll leave you with a photo of one to end the summary of my stay in Edinburgh.We finished my trip with a Nandos, and although slightly disappointed in myself for not finishing with a very Scottish meal, it was very, very  yummy.

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4 comments on "My First Ever Trip to Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 2)"
  1. I love Edinburgh, I keep meaning to take a trip up there at some point to see the pandas. Looks like you had a lovely time.

    1. Pandas?! Wow, now I really do wish my stay was longer! Imogen x

  2. I love your photos of Scotland. You seem to have really captured the spirit of the place. And, did you know that the first Nando's opened around the corner from my house in Cape Town? Crazy, huh? X Jane

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like they're never good enough because I don't have a fancy camera yet, so that means a lot. I definitely did not know that! How intriguing :) Imogen x


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