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Home Is Where The Heart Is

6 Apr 2014
We all need our time off, whether from work, studying, or just general stress. I'm back home for Easter and ready to do some serious relaxing, and despite the fact that I have managed to obtain my second illness in two weeks (seriously, what is going on), there are a lot of things about being at home which have put me in a good mood. Here is a handful of photos from my first week back...

My little Cocker Spaniel, Saffy. Isn't she adorable? She's supposedly a Blue Roan, but realistically she's dark, dark grey with various little light grey patches. Oh, and a very, very fluffy coat.

Countryside Walks.

Why are there no dogs at Uni? A little birdie informed me that some brought in puppies for the exam period in January, it's just a shame that my University didn't participate in this idea. Spoilsports.

Good weather. Okay so it's not always rubbish in Leeds, but it does seem to be considerably warmer in the South.

 Hot Cross Buns. Anything warm and doughy with butter is a yes from me. 

Actually having the right equipment for baking for once. Look out for a ton of new recipes in upcoming weeks pals!

Movie nights with the family. Frozen was obviously an essential; even my dad and brother enjoyed it!

It's always lovely to take some time to be with the family over the holidays, and sometimes we forget how important it is, and how much comfort it brings. I hope everyone on their Easter Holidays is taking some time to relax!

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