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One Town's Best Kept Secret

26 Apr 2014

This week I paid the wonderful town of Guildford a little visit. Guildford is a great place in Southern England, featuring some brilliant high-end shops, an abundance of adorable cafés and restaurants, and some beautiful Castle gardens. Unfortunately the castle itself was covered in scaffolding on the day we visited, but the surrounding gardens were certainly beautiful enough to make up for it.

To me, it looks like I took this picture from a little historic castle in a small countryside village, when in actual fact it was about two minutes walk from the bustling centre of Guildford. That's the magic of it, this is a view of the rural countryside, but if I moved around to the other side of the castle, I'd be faced with a view of an urban (or at least, slightly urban) town.

Before I move onto more wonderful pictures of the gardens, let us just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is a Katsu Curry. I got this from Kokoro Sushi & Bento, a place I would highly recommend to those who don't eat Sushi but are constantly dragged to places with Sushi lovers! The only regret was getting the medium instead of a small... not even I could handle this amount.

Once again we were so lucky with the weather. I feel like I should take some rainy pictures to show you all that my blog is not an accurate representation of English weather. In fact, I'm really happy that I managed to get some sun yesterday, because my family and I had to cancel our trip to Kew Gardens today due to HEAVY rain. Come back, Sun!

Spot the duck?

I love how the blogging world allows us to truly appreciate little gems like this, whilst also encouraging us to find them in the first place. Although my pictures aren't as great as I'd like them to be (DSLR for my next birthday please), I'm really enjoying capturing my daily delights and sharing them with you guys!

3 comments on "One Town's Best Kept Secret"
  1. My office in London had a branch in Guildford and I always wondered about going to visit but never got round to going, I think if I'd seen these photos I would have got myself there! It looks so pretty!


    1. Oh you should've done! But there's still time if you go back down south to visit :)

  2. Hello hun:)
    Love this post very much,and your blog looks very cute!
    Maybe we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog!:)


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