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A Summer Bucket List

4 May 2014
A couple of days ago a certain post caught my attention. It's called 9 Signs Your Wanderlust Is Calling, and it really got me thinking about where I am right now, and where I want to be. It got me thinking about how I've never been out of Europe, how I've been in endless studying for god knows how many years now, and how, in the short term, I at least want to make something of this summer.

I find crazy travel anecdotes fascinating, but along with being in a state of awe, I am also left with a severe case of FOMO - otherwise known as Fear of Missing Out - and I wonder if I personally will ever have any stories to tell.

Now, because I know that travelling is not an option for another two years at least, I've decided instead to take a more realistic approach, and to leave my dreams of travelling out of Europe to my dreams for the moment. Instead I'm focusing on this Summer/my year abroad, and creating somewhat of a bucket list for things to explore in the UK. I'm going to write it on some pretty paper, stick it on my wall and really, really try to achieve most of them.

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1) Watersports
I'm not amazingly sporty, but I do enjoy an adrenaline-pumping watersport. Windsurfing and Kayaking are my favourites, but I would love to try out some more this summer, and I'm really hoping that this will be feasible when I'm studying in the South of France next year, as I will be living closer to the water than I have ever been before.

2) Discover new places in the UK
My student budget halts me from going anywhere seriously fancy, but as I love holidaying in the UK anyway, I'm not complaining. If anyone has any recommendations then that would be wonderful; I love cities, countryside, seaside towns, and anywhere with stunning views.

3) Go Ape
As in the High Ropes courses situated throughout the UK, not literally going ape at something! Zip wires, tarzan swings, trapezes, and just generally climbing trees is so exciting to me and I would love to do more of it.

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4) Ride a rollercoaster. Or two. Or three.
A lot of things terrify me. I mean a lot. But when it comes to things like Theme Parks and big rides, I'm a serious adrenalin junkie.Unfortunately my family members are not that interested in big rides (probably too scared), but hopefully I will be able to drag along a few friends this Summer.

5) Tingle those taste buds at a food festival
My family would probably describe me as a fairly fussy eater. This is mainly because I'm not a fan of fish, and I just can't stomach Lamb, but I'm really trying to widen my tastes and embrace some new foods, and this newly-found desire to try out new tastes, along with my handy location near to London will hopefully make this summer goal easy to complete.

6) Go up the Shard
This Skyscraper is described as 'London's highest and best view' and as a lover of heights I am desperate to take a look myself! Alternatively, Up at the O2, aka Urban Mountaineering looks seriously fun.

and a few more...

7) See a Musical
I'm a huge musical fan, and I haven't seen one for a few years now. I love how atmospheric the songs are, and how incredibly talented all the actors and actresses are, so I think a trip to London's West End is essential this summer. Now to find the money...

8) Work Experience
Is it weird to be really, really excited about the prospect of some work experience in a potential career? Searching for work experience is hard, especially in a competitive area like marketing, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

9) Meet some bloggers
I'm still new to blogging but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to meet some bloggers before I go away. The thought is kind of nerve-wracking but it'd be a great experience.

I know a lot of my readers are not in education any more and therefore don't have the holiday that I do (just you wait, I'll be in the same position in a few years!) But I'd love to hear what your plans for this summer are, and any new places that you would love to try out.

If by mid August you see no posts talking about any of the things on my list, then please feel free to remind me that watching TV on my laptop all day is not fuelling my adrenaline or my wanderlust!

8 comments on "A Summer Bucket List"
  1. This is such a great idea, there are so many great things to do and beautiful places to see in the UK. I didn't actually go on a plane until I was 19, my parents always said when we were kids that we should see our own country before going abroad, at the time I grumbled but now I'm quite thankful.

    So, let me have a think about recommendations! Well obviously Newcastle is a must :p York is gorgeous, Bath is a lovely city ooooh and Norwich is really lovely although a bit of a treck to get to!

    There's quite a lot of offers on West End musicals if you check offer sites like whatsonstage for week day shows, or there's the Ticket Office in the middle of Leicester Square that does discount seats for shows.

    I'm dying to go up the Shard so I'll be very jealous if you get up there!

    Chloe x

    1. Oh wow! My parents kind of said that too, but we only ever went to Devon or Dorset!

      Newcastle is so feasible whilst I'm up North anyway but I've never been! Bath is hopefully going to be quite easy for me to get to in Summer so fingers crossed! I agree York is gorgeous, and Norwich I have never been to but it really is a trek unfortunately wherever I am! Maybe one day :P

      Ooo I might check that site out.. I've tried the ticket office but they never seem to have the show I want. I guess I should probably go with a few shows in mind!

      Thanks for all the recommendations and advice Chloe!

      Imogen x

  2. It's a definite great idea, I love it!

    I hope you fulfil these items of your list and feel fantastic afterwards. Maybe I should look into doing something similar, just to feel accomplished about something, haha. :)

    1. Thanks! I hope so too :) You definitely should, it's a great motivator and actually makes me excited even though I haven't got any of these planned yet!
      Imogen x

  3. This is a great idea! I really want to wander all around Cornwall. We sometimes branch out, but when you have your favourite places and all that... Oh a musical, that would be lovely. I have been to a couple, it is definitely time to see another one :)

    1. Ah Cornwall would be very different but very good! Yeah I know what you mean, it's easy to stick to what you know.

      Imogen x

  4. I like how you are writing and love all your these goals and I am pretty sure that you would be able to achieve them :)
    With love,
    Liuba G :) (New on your page)

    1. Thanks so much for the positivity! I hope so too :) and welcome to my blog!

      Imogen x


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