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Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins

24 May 2014

I'm home for a week and I'm making the most of a nice clean kitchen and full cupboards, so there will be quite a few recipes coming your way in the next few weeks. Yesterday I decided to whip up some quick banana chocolate chip muffins, which have the yummy taste of banana bread, with the added flavour and sweetness of chocolate.

You will need:
75g melted butter
100g caster sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence/extract
75-100ml milk
2 ripe bananas
250g self-raising flour
a pinch of salt
75-100g chocolate chips

1. Start by mixing your butter, sugar, vanilla essence and eggs together. Then slowly fold in your flour and salt.

2. Mash your ripe bananas (the more ripe they are - the better!) and add them to the mixture. Add the milk gradually, stirring constantly until the mixture is less stiff and thick, but not too runny. I used near to 100ml milk for mine.

3. Pour in your chocolate chips and stir until you have a mixture like this. It will be lumpy because of the banana.

4. Spoon your mixture evenly into muffin sized cases, and place in your preheated oven (180C fan) for approximately 20 minutes.

5. Take your muffins out when they are golden brown and you can stick a skewer in them without it coming out gooey.

These may not look quite as impressive appearance wise as some of my other bakes, but they are incredibly tasty and feel slightly healthier than a whopping great cupcake!

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