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Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen in Leeds

13 May 2014

Sometimes I feel like I haven't explored Leeds enough. Okay, more like all the time. I live in this incredible, vibrant city and yet I haven't even been to most of the greatest bars, restaurants, cafes yet. Last weekend I sought to rectify this, and myself, Emily, Georgie and Imogen headed on down to the city centre to check out the Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen.

Now this place has had rave reviews from all my friends who have enjoyed a drink or two on the seriously cool rooftop terrace, and yet I've never been there myself. So what better day to take a look than the day of the Belgrave Street Feast & Beacons Launch Party?

We decided against walking in the dismal rain that have taken over the past few days, and hopped into a taxi to this seriously cool arty venue. With my little camera at the ready I managed to get quite a few nice shots of the terrace (even in the pouring rain!), the delicious food and the impressive artwork.

When I see places like this it reminds me what a shame it is that I'm never in Leeds for June - August, aka the sunny months. The terrace would be such a great place to have a drink with friends in a chilled out atmosphere, whilst gazing across the city of Leeds. I'm just hoping that the weather will clear up a bit in the next few weeks so I can try it out properly!

They plastered the walls with some seriously cool arty posters, and the various pieces of artwork dotted about were amazing.

Now onto the crazy street food they had on offer: Georgie and Imogen shared an Ox Tongue & Black Bean Taco, and Brisket Burger Bone Marrow Sliders from The Greedy Pig. Ox tongue is not exactly my cup of tea but the girls absolutely loved them, and I have heard such incredible things about this café (just look at the reviews) that I really, really want to try it out properly! (Emily, this is a hint.)

Me and Emily started off with a plate of Jerk Chicken from Discovery Bay, which I have never actually tried before, but it was absolutely delicious. Pretty spicy so I was impressed with myself for eating it all (or half with Emily), but yummy nonetheless.

We then moved on to the 'Dirty Burger' from Patty Smith's Burger. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am constantly drawn towards Burgers, and this one certainly did not disappoint. Succulent, juicy, and with a brioche bun to top it all off perfectly. I'm yet to try the likes of Five Guys, Patty's Burger, Shake Shack etc in London, but I think this certainly gave me a taster of an incredible burger joint!

We then found a Laynes Espresso stall, and having tried their brownies and coffee before in their own café, I was eager to try out something new. By this time however I'd already wolfed down my burger, jerk chicken and a nutella and banana crepe, so I gave it a miss and let Emily try out the brownies instead!

They did look absolutely delicious, but am I the only one not on this salted caramel hype? I would describe myself as an original caramel lover, and as an original caramel lover I want my caramel to be just caramel and nothing else. Everytime I walk into a café nowadays it's ALL fricking salted. I mean I'm all for jumping on the bandwagon when it suits me, but I just don't feel right with salt in my caramel.

Whoa. You can tell that caramel really means something to me.


And there we have it: a lovely trip to a great venue, with spectacular unique foods and crazy good artwork. I can't wait to visit this place when it's sunny! 

5 comments on "Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen in Leeds"
  1. Rooftop bar / cafes are always amazing and beautiful. I'm glad you got the opportunity to experience one! (if you haven't already).

    And those brownies look delish. Won't mind if I do!

    1. They are aren't they! It's just such a shame that the weather hasn't been great, but it has actually really perked up this week!


  2. OMG, that burger and those sweets look so delicious!:)


  3. Everything looks so cool! I feel I want to visit Leeds now!


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