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Little links & a little Q&A

22 May 2014
Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of posting in the past week. If you read my last post then you'll know that I'm currently in the exam/essay period at University, so I'm trying to focus on my work rather than blogging. This means that I'm not going out much or even baking much (say whaaaat), but I will be back on form in the next few weeks, don't you worry!

Having said this, I now have a little break before my English Literature exam (yikes), so I've put together a little list of great things I've discovered circling the internet at the moment.


THIS cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's 'Like a Star', because I love covers, and the song is beautiful.
THIS recipe for Mac 'n' Cheese in a mug, because when you're cooking for one (which I always am), it's so hard to make the correct portions.
THIS recipe for Cronuts. I have literally only just found out what cronuts are, but seeing as they combine two of (in my opinion) the most incredible foods, I definitely want to give them a try.
THIS post featuring five best friends taking pictures in exactly the same spot, with exactly the same poses every 5 years for 30 years. It's so simple but so lovely to see that some people have stayed friends for that long.


Chloe from New Girl in Toon from has been blogging for a year now; I love her content (especially her afternoon tea posts) and it just makes me incredibly happy to see celebratory posts like this, and makes me excited for what the future of blogging holds. Congratulations Chloe!

Is Joy a Daily Priority? These '6 tips for cultivating joy today' from Between Dreams are seriously motivating and radiant positivity. The blog in general is one of my favourites for when I'm in need of a little boost.

As I answered some of these last week, I didn't want to overload you all with more Liebster award filled posts, but I love answering questions so I thought I'd just answer a few more here from Rebecca at Gingerbread & Tea. Thanks for nominating me, Rebecca.

What is your dream job?
I'm really not sure right now. I think being part of a big Marketing department/agency.

What is you favourite place to go to eat out? 
Nandos. Or Chinese restaurants, I LOVE crispy duck and sweet & sour chicken.

Do you have any hobbies? - aside from blogging of course!
Well as you'll know already if you visit my blog often, I'm a bit of a baker. I also love dance and watersports but wouldn't really consider them as hobbies anymore as I don't do them much anymore unfortunately.

Summer or Winter?
Summer. You can't beat a sunny day.

Sweet food or salty food? 
I really can't answer this. When I'm eating a tub of Pringles, I'm craving chocolate, and when I'm eating chocolate, I'm craving Pringles.

What is your favourite item of clothing? 
My leather jacket. 

What are you wearing right now? 
I'm just about to get on a train to head home for a week, so the comfiest of comfy leggings, and a vest top.

What is your favourite hot drink? 
A Chai Latte.

What was the last book you read, was it good? 
I can't remember the last time I read a book for fun, because my degree is chocablock with compulsory texts.. so the last book I read was Persuasion by Jane Austen, and seeing as I love Austen it was pretty enjoyable! 

Who inspires you? 
I'm going to be corny and say my parents... Realistically people inspire me daily for little things, so I'm not sure I could pick specifics!

Have you got anything exciting coming up?
I guess my year abroad in France is the most exciting thing coming up in the next few months!

Once again sorry for the lack of posting, and for this kind of thrown together post! I hope it's an enjoyable read anyhow :)

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