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Sunny Views & Big Towers

29 May 2014

For those of you who don't live in the South of England, Portsmouth is a great little city along the coast, featuring a historic dockyard, a mighty great tower, and an impressive shopping outlet. Myself, my mum and my sister all went on a spontaneous trip to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth at the weekend, with the original aim of visiting The Water Margin - a tasty all you can eat Oriental Buffet. Now I love buffets, who doesn't? And at only £8.90 a head (for lunch), who can complain? Sure enough, it was just as tasty as usual and the novelty still hasn't worn off after about 10 years of visiting it.

Gunwharf Quays is an outlet shopping centre, featuring high-end brands such as Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Ralph Lauren, Links of London... you get the gist. Despite the amazing array of stores, I somehow managed to control myself and didn't buy a single thing. This is a decision which I have come to hugely regret, especially seeing as I spotted a Cath Kidston there, but you know, at least I'm saving money.

What we did spend a little money on however was going up the Spinnaker Tower, something which - as a lover of heights - I have wanted to do for a long time. I didn't have my camera on me but I did manage to get a few snaps on my phone of the view, boats (you know I love my boats), and the sea.

How ridiculously cool is this cafe?! It's kind of like eating in the Harvey Nichols restaurant at the top of the Shard in London (on the Summer Bucket List), but twenty times cheaper.

Kind of.

Okay so it looks absolutely minuscule in this picture, but I swear it is quite high in real life.... there were people abseiling down it and everything! Mind you, at £85 for a ten minute abseil I'm really not sure it's worth the money.

Time for a lovely walk along the Quayside, filled with bars and restaurants looking out onto the boats.

'Walking on Water.'

That's what this activity was advertised as; that and the 'experience of a lifetime'. I'm not quite sure how I'd feel about crawling around like a life-sized hamster in one these balls, but it did look pretty fun for children.

Spontaneous trips are the best, aren't they? I'm actually quite glad I didn't bring my camera because it meant I was focusing more on embracing the gorgeous sunny weather and the beautiful views. I can't quite believe that I've never been up the Spinnaker Tower before, despite living so nearby, and it has really inspired me to consider other sights that are really close by, but that I've never visited properly.

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10 comments on "Sunny Views & Big Towers"
  1. what a worthy post! Many thanks for sharing moments with us. Would also love to visit this place :)


    Liuba G

  2. I wanted to go up Spinnaker tower last time we were in Portsmouth a few years ago, but the weather wasn't kind to us so we didn't. The view looks fantastic!

    1. I can't imagine it'd be that great in bad weather so it was probably for the best! But yes it was fantastic in the sunshine! x

  3. I don't live in the South but I have actually been to Portsmouth a few times :D When I was a bit younger me and my friends used to go and see a lot of pop groups on tour. We used to love picking random venues in smaller towns to see bands play in as you were always guaranteed to get a good seat so we ended up in Portsmouth a few times ... we definitely saw Busted (or it might have been McFly!) there back in the day, and I think possibly Girls Aloud on their first tour too.

    I loved my visits there, it's beautiful and there are some cute little pubs by the water. I've never climbed the Spinnaker Tower though which is a shame because the view looks great!

    Chloe x

    1. That's brilliant! Yeah Portsmouth is still great for going to see smaller bands :) x

  4. The building seriously does look huge if you're looking from the perspective of an actual person in the photo, wow.

    It looks so amazing. The views, the sea, the boats. How sweet is it all. It reminds me of something like what we have here in Melbourne, Australia. We have two famous buildings that are very similar, but I especially love how there's a sweet little eating area where you were. :)

    Naturally Jes

    1. Haha it does! I can imagine there must be so many cool places in Melbourne! x

  5. I love portsmouth- it's so pretty, as your pictures show! Lovely photos! x

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  6. I have never been to Portsmouth but it looks lovely. x


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