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Kew Gardens Part 2: The Barefoot Walk & The Rose Garden

18 Jun 2014
Oh, my, days. So many pictures. But they are pretty, so you guys don't mind, right? 

I decided to dedicate a whole post to The Barefoot Walk experience and The Rose Garden, because the roses were so lovely, and the walk was kind of unusual but a pretty cool experience!

'The Barefoot Walk' is basically a walk along all different ground textures. Now I don't mind feet, but on a whole I like my shoes and socks, and I like my shoes and socks on. The thought of walking barefoot through a woodland intrigued but did not particularly excite me, so I thought I'd give it a go anyway for my mum who was very, very, (and perhaps too) excited about it.

First stop: the pine cones. These were actually kind of nice to walk on, and they didn't really hurt at all!

The walk also featured multiple logs, stones and sand. Now I love stony beaches, because it means I can avoid the sand between my toes and in my flip flops, but when you're walking on stones because you actually have a reason to and need to in order to reach the sea, they feel slightly nicer than they do when you're just walking along them for the sake of it.

My sense of balance is rubbish. I mean seriously rubbish. I couldn't even walk across the stepping stones without wobbling, but then again I blame part of that on Tash, who has an even worse sense of balance, being in front and stumbling about herself.

Tash braved the mud and walked straight through it. Her verdict was that it was smelly, squelchy, and just generally unpleasant! I'm glad I was boring and took the easy route to the side of it! Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who hates getting dirty at all (I mean, I love festivals, so I can't hate mud), but I just wasn't expecting it on a beautiful summers day in the middle of Kew Gardens. Maybe next time!

Our walk ended outside my cottage.

And in my garden, complete with its very own duck and a lake.

I wish!

Anyway, after Mum and Tash had washed their feet thoroughly, we ventured on to (finally) admire the beautiful flowers of Kew Gardens. Our first stop was the Rose Garden, and as Roses are one of my favourite flowers, I was pretty excited and keen to snap lots of photos.

This is a photo from my sister's camera, and it was actually me jumping into her shot and photobombing the roses. I think it adds a little bit of fun to the photo, but she wasn't best pleased!

I'm actually really happy with these two photos. Tash was using her DSLR and when you're taking pictures of things like flowers it's often pretty easy to tell the difference between the quality on my camera and hers. I think my Panasonic Lumix did a great little job of focusing though and I'm pleased with the result! 

I hope you guys like this post, and don't mind that I have another one coming up. I am trying to alternate between my Kew posts and other posts though, so if you don't enjoy them then don't worry - the next post will be something different! 

If you do enjoy them however, then the third and final part of my Kew series is my favourite. It features Peacocks, Ducks, and in my opinion the most beautiful part of Kew: the Rock Garden (looks better than it sounds, trust me). 

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6 comments on "Kew Gardens Part 2: The Barefoot Walk & The Rose Garden"
  1. Gorgeous photos - the flowers are absolutely beautiful.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Thank you! They really are at Kew :)

  2. The barefoot walk sounds like so much fun, it's quite liberating walking around with your shoes and socks off sometimes. I thought for a second that second photo was a collection of bugs to walk through :s

    Chloe x

    1. Oh wow, that would've been seriously weird!! x

  3. These are so pretty, and it sounds like a lot of fun! I've never seen anything like it.

    As for the cottage and like, you almost fooled me! haha.

    Naturally Jes

    1. I wish that was my cottage... maybe I should start saving? x


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