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My Dog is a Little Rascal.

16 Jun 2014
And here is a little story....

There we were having a lovely, sunny walk along the fields with Saffy, my cocker spaniel. She's pretty good  obedience wise but she's not the most obedient of dogs, so she tends to run off into the fields and the long grass where I can't see her, and I have to stop regularly to call her back. On this particular walk however, she seemed to generally be in an obedient mood... or so I thought.

Now on this particular walk there are many, many gaps in the hedges which open out onto even more fields. So when I called for Saffy and promptly saw her little face poking out through the gap, I showered her with praise at how clever and sweet she was. My friend was particularly impressed.

Upon reaching the gap in the hedges properly however, I realised that Saffy was not being an angel and waiting for me because I had called her, as I had thought.

No, she was bounding around, and completely submerged in this:

Of course, when I shouted at her to get out of the mud she preceded to jump around in it even more, and get as much on her as possible! It's always a game to dogs, but it does make for great entertainment and you can always count on them to put a smile on your face.

She genuinely looks like a crazy little monster sometimes, especially when she is doing her best to get as much dirt on her as possible!

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2 comments on "My Dog is a Little Rascal."
  1. Awww haha! She's adorable, even if it wasn't adorable at the time.

    This was such a sweet, funny post.

    Naturally Jes

  2. Aww she looks adorable! We are thinking of getting a dog and my husband really wants a spaniel. X


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