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Plantasia at Kew Gardens: The Healing Giant

14 Jun 2014
Want to know the healing properties of some popular flowers and herbs? My trip to Kew Gardens last week was not only full of sunshine and beautiful scenery, but also a surprising amount of educational information. There were even some analogies to Peter Rabbit made which did a great job at grabbing my attention... and my camera's!

My mum currently owns a years pass to the beautiful Kew Gardens, and her birthday just happened to be around the time of their special Plantasia event. Plantasia is described as a 'fantastical world of botanical wonders and sensory experiences', and was informative, very bizarre (a barefoot woodland walk?), but pretty fun overall.

Hello awkward outfit of the day. How do fashion bloggers do it? Seriously. Even with no one around, my sister taking the picture was enough to make me feel all awkward and embarrassed! 

Kimono - Topshop, Top - River Island, Shorts - Zara, Shoes - Converse

Yes, we did all three of these things. It was my Mum's day, and she was ready to go all out at Kew!

I don't actually know what this is... but it looked cool.

Can we just appreciate this analogy for a moment? These teacups are just adorable, and although I already knew this about Chamomile, I love how they related it to Peter Rabbit.

Peppermint tea, anyone?

Here I am, relaxing in the 'Loveseat' which was surrounding by Mandrake - apparently a deathly plant which was used in Harry Potter. Scroll down to the last picture to see where I realised the love seat was actually awkwardly situated on the giant's body...

Tash was also wearing a pretty Kimono and looking lovely as always. We often get asked if we're twins, and people often also assume that she is the older sister, but we have never thought that we looked very alike at all! What do you guys think?

Oh, the wonderful Pagoda. We bought three tickets to climb the 253 steps and have the chance to see the wonderful views. Mum was so pleased with herself when she managed to get to the top, and even got a certificate at the end which she kept and will probably hang on the wall, knowing her!

One of the beautiful views of the park from the top of the Pagoda.

Way, way in the distance we could just about make our some of London sights. Unfortunately the picture was taken through a window (opening windows wasn't allowed!) so you can't really see much, but it was beautiful, especially with clear blue skies like this.

And here he is in all his glory. Now you can see where the 'loveseat' is situated and where me and Tash were sat for a good twenty minutes. How embarrassing!

That's it for The Healing Giant and The Pagoda! You may notice that there is a severe lack of flowers in these photos, and that I have left an air of mystery around the 'Barefoot Walk', where you have a 'sensory experience' mentioned at the beginning of this post. The Gardens are massive, so instead of one incredibly and unbearably long post, I decided to split my photos into two. I mean, it might even be three, there are that many photos. In the next few days look out for some beautiful flowers and perhaps even a Peacock...

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7 comments on "Plantasia at Kew Gardens: The Healing Giant"
  1. What a beautiful place, stunning photographs!

    A Fabulous Life

    1. Thanks! I was lucky with the sunlight to be honest, it always helps with the photography!

      Imogen x

  2. I've never been but wow it looks absolutely beautiful, and you got such stunning weather too. Love that you went climbing, no day trip is complete without climbing something for lovely views :)

    I'm the same when I try and take photos of my outfit, I love the idea of it but in reality I stand there looking and feeling SO awkward!

    Chloe x

    1. I know I was so lucky! It is so worth a visit, or do a little research and see if you can find anything like it up North! Exactly, it always adds a little more excitement to the day.

      Yep, I hate posing in general, so if someone could just miraculously take a good photo of me in my outfit without me knowing then that would be great haha!

      Imogen x

  3. This seems like the most perfect Summer's day <3

  4. This looks like a perfect day. I love visiting places like this. I love your outfit. I've been looking for a top like the one you're wearing. I always feel ridiculously awkward getting outfit photos so I know exactly where you are coming from! X

    1. Thank you! There are always a few cream/white coloured ones in that style dotted about the various high street shops, so have a browse! Haha I'm glad we all feel the same! x


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