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An Old Fashioned English Pub

3 Jul 2014
If there's one thing that England does brilliantly, then it's pub dinners, and old fashioned pubs in general. Bangers and mash, pies, fish and chips, burgers, you name it, they do it best. I've seen my fair share of sub-par attempts at 'two for a fiver' pub meals in various cities, but luckily my hometown is surrounded by little villages which are home to some of a loveliest traditional English Pubs. The food isn't cheap, but it is incredibly tasty and the atmosphere is so friendly and warming that it's definitely worth it.

To celebrate my Mum and my brothers birthdays we ventured down to The Pub with no Name, which is actually called The White Horse, but is referred to as the former because it has an empty pub sign on the roadside directing you to it!

Although we were unlucky with the service (way too slow), we have had great service there before, and the food was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented which almost made up for it!

(Apologies for the below average photos - I didn't plan to take any because it was a family dinner, but I thought it'd be nice to give you all a little glimpse of the pub atmosphere!)

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4 comments on "An Old Fashioned English Pub"
  1. It definitely is cute, I have to say. I love how "cottage-y" the pub is. So gorgeous.

    Naturally Jes

    1. Me too! When a pub gets too modern and big it definitely loses its charm! x

  2. woww what a lovely place for relaxing :) Thank you for this post. The only thing I don't like that they made you to wait for long :)

    Have a lovely weekend!!! x

    1. Yeah it was a shame about the wait :( But it was still nice! x


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