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Beautiful Gardens, Hot Doughnuts & Harry Ramsden's

30 Jul 2014
My mum, sister and I have a tradition of visiting the coastal city of Bournemouth every Summer. We always seem to be very lucky with the weather, and this time was no different; 25 degrees is very hot for England, trust me.

The thing we love most about Bournemouth is the beautiful beach lined with colourful beach huts, which appears to be never-ending, but also the beautiful Gardens. In the scorching hot sunshine, I genuinely felt like I was abroad, which kind of makes up for the fact that I'm not really having a proper holiday this year. 

Our first day was filled with walks through the Lower Gardens, drinks at the hotel, yummy food (Harry Ramsden you are a God), and an unnerving fairground ride. As usual, I've split my stay into a few parts so I don't overload you all with photos!

The minute we arrived at our wonderful hotel (Days Hotel, by the way), we ordered some refreshing drinks and sat outside on the balcony overlooking the seafront. I swear all I ever want to do in hot weather is sit outside with a drink and snacks! I feel like living in the South of France is going to empty my bank account very rapidly...

We found this little greenhouse sat directly outside our hotel, and found out that it was used for weddings! It's really beautiful to look at, although it was right next to a main road so I'm not sure how I'd feel about a wedding there...

We also went for a wonder around the Lower Gardens, which although very busy were also incredibly beautiful. Don't you just love it when you find a gem like this right next to boring streets of shops?

On our first day we only briefly walked through the gardens, so stay tuned for next weeks post for more pictures of the gardens and for our Hot Air Balloon ride experience! Which is actually a balloon attached to the ground that only flies up for about ten minutes, but still. It was fun.

Next top, the famous Harry Ramsden's.

When Mum first suggested Harry Ramsden's, I immediately said no, because the last time we went (years and years ago), I'm pretty sure it was a solely seafood restaurant. Now I am really hoping that my tastebuds will develop as I get older, and that I'll learn to love seafood, but for the moment battered cod and fish fingers is as far as I will go. I was very, very pleasantly surprised therefore when I read the menu, which now features an incredible variety of classic Fish & Chip shop foods. I'm talking sausages, burgers, chicken, pies, fish & chips and even salads. The whole decor of the place also impressed me a lot, but I barely have any pictures so I guess you'll just have to visit for yourself!

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the food (because I was too busy stuffing my face), but I will say that their fish and chips is the best I've ever tasted. I'm sure that's no suprise to those who have visited Harry Ramsden's before, but even the 'Crumbed Chicken in a basket' pictured above was ultra yummy. They have a great knack for taking simple dishes and making them ever so slightly more gourmet.

This is called 'The WaveSwinger', it's situated by the pier and it made me feel quite sick. I'm a big fan of rollercoasters and all that, but fairground rides kind of just make me feel nauseous. Is that just me? I guess I just feel safer at theme parks! It was quite amusing though!

I'll leave you all with a picture of these TO DIE FOR hot doughnuts. I actually had two whilst Mum and Tash had one each, because they know how much hot doughnuts mean to me. They were everything one can hope for in a doughnut; soft, hot, sugary, and just downright delicious. Does anyone else have an obsession with these? I have to get them every time I'm in a seaside town, which thankfully for my stomach isn't that much!

Are there any places in the UK that you visit regularly?
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7 comments on "Beautiful Gardens, Hot Doughnuts & Harry Ramsden's"
  1. These pictures are great! I've never been to Bournemouth but it looks lovely! I see you've already done it and don't know if you'd be interested but I've nominated you for the Liebster Award here: xx

  2. OMG it looks so warm and sunny! I've only been to Bournemouth once (to see Girls Aloud, random I know!) but didn't really get a chance for a proper look round.
    Damn those donuts look so so so so so soooooooo good, I could eat one right now!

  3. I used to hate seafood too! Luckily my palate has grown now and prawns are now one of my fave foods, but that crumbed chicken does look delicious! I have a tradition of going down to Cornwall with my uni friends and it's always such a highlight of my year - I love those places you can return to again and again and never get bored!


  4. Looks like a lovely time. I don't think I have ever been to Bournemouth, but I do love going to coast. Buying doughnuts at the coast is always a must-do!
    Totally in agreement about the fair grounds rides, something about them being mobile makes me nervous.

  5. Awh thanks for the nomination! I have a few posts lined up for the next week or two but I might see if I can fit it in with one of them :) x

  6. It really was, I couldn't believe it! Haha, that is random! x

  7. Okay that makes me hopeful for the future! I'm already easing myself into liking prawns so hopefully everything else will follow ;) Oh I love Cornwall! Absolutely, it's a bit far for me so that's why we always go for Bournemouth or Devon, anywhere we beautiful countryside or the beach is a holiday to be honest! x


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