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Hampstead Heath Bathing Ponds

23 Jul 2014
On the agenda this week was a visit to my friend's (beautiful) house for a dinner party in Hampstead, followed by a trip down to the bathing ponds in Hampstead Heath. 

I love dinner parties as I'm sure a lot of people do, and I think everyone who is able to should host/go to them at least once every few weeks. I'd forgotten how much fun they are, and it makes me even more anxious to finish at University and move into my own home! We tucked into a beautiful array of duck and salads, complete with a hilariously large amount of potatoes and a good seven or eight bottles of wine (between nine of us!). Safe to say the wine probably contributed to the overall jolly atmosphere of the night, but it was a lovely, love night in general, and just what's needed after a miserable few days!

The next morning we awoke to the glorious sunshine (thank you to mother nature who has finally decided to provide England with a heck of a lot of good weather), got changed into our swimming gear and headed on down to Hampstead Heath. 

If you want a relaxing, private pool to bathe in then I seriously wouldn't recommend Hampstead! My only criticism was the tiny, tiny amount of space given to lay out your towels while you went for a swim, and the fact that most people sunbathing were directly facing the place where we jumped off into the water - it was slightly off-putting!

We did have a lovely (if slightly brief) swim though, and the water wasn't even that cold!

We spotted this dog on the way back just staring at the ducks! The poor owner was desperately trying to get him back onto land!

It would be amazing to live in one of the houses overlooking this pond.

After my visit I would definitely encourage anyone in the Hampstead area to pop on over to the ponds. I'd imagine the 'Ladies Only' and 'Men Only' ponds might be slightly less cramped and busy, but the Mixed Pond wasn't too bad, and it was probably worth it for such a lovely swim!
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12 comments on "Hampstead Heath Bathing Ponds"
  1. Aw this looks so amazing! Sounds like you had a great time! I think I saw this place on an episode of Made in Chelsea haha xx

  2. I'm dying to throw a dinner party (not that I'm very good at cooking!) but our rented flat is so so tiny it'd be difficult. Going to wait until we finally buy our own place then I'm definitely organising a dinner party as a house warming.

    I never made it to Hampstead which is a shame cos it looks so beautiful!

    Chloe x

  3. They have a similar set up in Brussels. For the summer they fill the fountain with more water and then the children can paddle and swim around. They even put up tents for you to change your clothes and everything. But I think it's only for the children, but a nice idea for the summer.

  4. Beautiful! I don't live too far from here, it must have been such a beautiful day to go as well! Was it weird to swim in the pond? Surely there is a tonne of algae etc?! Lovely pics as per! x

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  6. It looks really lovely, I was going to go last year but the day before they closed off the ladies lake and since then I won't go in. Anyway, Hampstead Heath is always worth a trip to. And there's so many great pubs nearby. If you're round there again, you should definitely stop into The Southampton Arms ( next time you're around there, it's pretty packed but they've got the most amazing cider!

  7. It's seriously so beautiful.

    I could imagine the whole "space" situation - it would have been a little unpleasant, haha.

    Naturally Jes

  8. Yep that's where I saw it as well! Although Spencer and Andy (it was them, right?) were in the Men Only Pond I think! Haha typical MIC... x

  9. Buy it from the supermarket? ;) Oh that's a shame, but yeah I guess you just have to be patient and wait until you have enough space! It is pretty beautiful! x

  10. That's such a cute idea, I think I've seen a few of these abroad and perhaps even in London but yeah they only seem to have children using them! x

  11. It wasn't really weird, there's algae in the ponds there which aren't for swimming, but it was pretty clear water and kinda just felt like a lake! Thanks :) I have tagged you in The Summer Tag ( by the way, if you fancy doing it. Don't worry if not though! x

  12. I didn't have very much time unfortunately, so barely got to look around Hampstead at all! But I will definitely have a look at the pubs when I'm next visiting my friend! I have tagged you in The Summer Tag (http://imogenscribbles.blogspo... by the way, if you fancy doing it. Don't worry if not though! x


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