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Pinterest Loves #02

9 Jul 2014
My Pinterest has been severely lacking over the past few weeks. I haven't been on it, I've barely looked on it, and I haven't even added any of my own pictures. In the past few days however, I've been without wifi (once again, but for a different reason this time though), and using 3G to browse through Pinterest on my phone has been one of my saviours.

Here is a little glimpse and some of my favourite Pins recently:
This is so relevant to my Blog, and to my life in general.

Cake = Happiness.

Just imagine having this in your garden. Is it not the most romantic, adorable, enchanting, I could quite literally go on for ever, set up of a cinema possible? Mind you, I think you'd be pretty screwed if you created this in the UK... is it seriously raining in July? 


I still can't decide whether or not I'm into the whole completely white desk space/area trend. I mean yeah, it looks incredibly professional, sleek and just generally cool, but I just don't know how much it would inspire me to work. This one seems ideal - it has the sleek white walls and chair, but I think the wooden desk and  rainbow of books gives it a bit more character.

I feel like my Pinterest Loves will always include some handmade cushions. They're just such an easy(ish) thing to make, and I always find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, yet I never get round to making them! Maybe this should be one of my Summer Goals?
A Pinterest binge must always include an inspirational quote. This one is short and straight to the point and I think it gives some great advice. Sometimes, it's worth giving things a go even if you won't 'win' and even if you know you won't win, because it's worth the experience, and the learning. As my Mum (the fountain of all wisdom) always says: 'Everything is a learning curve'. 

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2 comments on "Pinterest Loves #02"
  1. Such a great selection of pictures - isn't it true that you head on to Pinterest for a half hour browse, and before you know it you've lost the whole evening?!
    I love the saying - possibly one of my favourites!!

    Steph xx
    Lay It Bare

    1. So true. It's just too enticing! x


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