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25 Jul 2014

Hey guys!
I've finally had a few days to write up some blogposts after a few weeks of 'hiatus', shall we say. Turns out that working 9-5.30 interning in Leeds really drained my energy and meant that I was putting all my focus into that as opposed to other things. If anyone is interested in hearing how it went though, then I will say that I had a great time, met some lovely people, got some great experience and am pretty positive that Marketing is what I want to do in the future. The downside was that it was unpaid, so I think next Summer I will be on the lookout for something similar, but where I can earn some money! 

Anyway, Lydia kindly tagged me in this Summer Tag, which I haven't seen before! It looked fun though, and I love answering questions (particularly about Summer), so here it is:
1. What’s your favourite thing about summer?
Sunshine makes everything beautiful, or at least even more beautiful than it was before. So when the Summer brings the sun that's what I love the most, and the fact that you can sit outside on the grass and have picnics, go for walks, go swimming, go to the beach, etc! I also just love how happy it (usually) makes people.
2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Whenever I'm on holiday I order lemonade; you know the refreshing still lemonade that you only get perfection of abroad? My favourite alcoholic summer drink would be a Strawberry Daquiri, or a glass of Pimms. I don't even like Pimms that much but it's such a classic summer drink!
3. Is there a location you like to go to each summer?
Italy. Or anywhere with a beautiful blue lake.
4. Favourite make-up look for summer?
Well, practical me looks at this question and says: 'but surely the summer means scorching heat and swimming, which hardly bodes well with make-up?', and this is applicable to me in the daytime, but in the evening I guess I like a natural looking bronzer on my cheeks, and maybe a subtle brown/bronze smokey eye.
5. Dresses or skirts?
I'm really loving playsuits at the moment, but if I had to go for either dresses or skirts then I'd have to say dresses. They're just so pretty and comfy and you don't have to go through all the hassle of finding a top to wear!
6. Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals definitely. I say this mainly because my feet seem to have a huge issue with pumps and they rub horribly whenever I wear them for some time. I also love having toes showing because it's the one time of year when you can paint your toenails and people might actually see them!
7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for summer?
In general I'm a hair down kinda gal. It's pretty long and thick though so if it's really, really hot weather I usually tie it up.
8. Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
In Summer? No no. As I've said above, make-up paired with scorching heat is a no go for me. If I was to choose between the two then I'd always go for smokey eyes though, because the idea of bold lipstick possibly getting on my teeth makes me so, so nervous!
9. Favourite perfume for summer?
I'm not really a perfume person, mainly because I never remember to put it on but also because I hate the idea of spraying too much and being the awkward lovely but also annoyingly strong smelling person. As always I'm using my BodyShop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist which is a lot lighter than a perfume, and perfect for Summer!
10. Last but not least, favourite music for summer?
Anything upbeat and happy, because Summer is a happy time and I want music to match it! Haha, but seriously I actually really love listening to chart music around this time because it makes me feel like I want to go out and enjoy the weather. I also have a 'chilled' playlist for sunbathing in the garden and (possibly) getting a bit of shut eye; it features artists like Ben Howard, Roo Panes etc.
I tag TashianaFlick and Beth if you fancy giving this a go, if not then I won't be offended!

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7 comments on "The Summer Tag"
  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your internship - I'm starting one in September and I'm nervous about how it'll affect the blog! Still it's all worth it in the end haha!


  2. Loved reading your answers Imogen! Thanks for playing along ;)
    Italy is my all-time favourite place to holiday. I'm in love with everything about it - scenery, food, people! I'm daydreaming of being there right now!

  3. Great list Imogen. I would love to go to Italy for my summer hols one day. Glad you enjoyed your internship. Have a great weekend! :) xx

  4. I agree, there's something about the sunshine that just makes everything look better. Even things that normally look terrible, the sun makes everything shine :)

  5. Thanks for tagging me in the first place! Same... kind of wish I was studying Italian and not French just so I could go to Italy for a year!

  6. Ooo good luck!! Yeah I mean mine was only two weeks so I kind of just took two weeks off blogging... but I think if it was longer then I would've planned my time better and worked around it. Obviously the ideal is to post twice a week probably (or more I guess), but if only one is possible then that's just life!

  7. Do it! It's so worth it. Thank you! You too :) x


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