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Beach Huts, Hot Air Balloons & Bournemouth Pier

4 Aug 2014

I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head...

I usually associate this sentence with clear blue skies, scorching hot weather and a view of the beautiful blue sea; an image which is not primarily associated with the UK, but Bournemouth charms me every Summer I visit.

My short trip seemed to come at the perfect time, when I was in a miserable rut having barely been able to enjoy the sunshine so far in England. It's not a city that most British people would immediately assume to be beautiful, but it sure fit the bill for clearing my mind and making me smile.

I've already spoken about my first day here, but I thought I'd write another post for my photos of the beach and our hot air balloon ride.

I just love beach huts and how colourful they are! I think if I lived by the coast but not within walking distance of the beach then I would definitely consider renting out one of these. 

A lovely view of the wonderful Lower Gardens, which were happily busy and thriving in the sunshine! 

Bournemouth have a Hot Air Balloon in the middle of their Lower Gardens which doesn't fly away (that kind of ride is definitely going on my Bucket List), but does lift you up above Bournemouth for a lovely birds eye view. 

Okay so it wasn't the most beautiful of views, but seeing the blue sea and the pier from this far was quite mesmerising! I'm one of those people who loves heights, and any kind of activity which involves a view from up top is my kind of activity. 

This is a photo from the front of our boat on our boat ride. Bournemouth Pier has rides every 15 minutes on a fast 'Shockwave' boat which speeds along the sea. Although it was incredibly fun and entertaining (quite a few bumps so not for the faint hearted!), at £10 per person I doubt I will be going on it again.

After our 'Shockwave Boat Ride' we sat on the pier for lunch, and I ordered (surprise, surprise) a Pulled Pork Bagel. In all honesty the shoestring fries were absolutely delicious, but the bagel was far, far too spicy. The tomato relish had so much potential but the flavour was ruined by the sheer hotness of it! In the background of this (sub par) photo you can spot Tash's BLT bagel which she said was seriously yummy! Maybe I'll get that next time.

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11 comments on "Beach Huts, Hot Air Balloons & Bournemouth Pier"
  1. I love heights too and would LOVE to go up in a hot air balloon! I've never seen a pulled pork bagel before but they're two of my favourite things, such a shame it was too spicy!


  2. You were rather brave taking a photo on the front of a speeding boat :o

  3. I am glad you had great time! Love the photos :)

  4. There is something so relaxing about the coast. It's one of my favourite places to go! I agree, the UK isn't really famous for is coastline and such, but it's a much underrated and beautiful country! I love showing people how lovely it can be and I love finding posts that show it too!

    Getting up high is one of my favourite things to do when I'm in a new place, I love arial views so a balloon would be perfect for me. A really balloon ride has been on my bucket list forever! I actually just love balloons in general!

    I've never had pulled pork, I'm starting to think I am missing out! I should fix that ASAP!

    ~ K

  5. Hahaha that's what my sister said, we were sitting down at the front though and weren't actually hit by any water so it was fine! x

  6. It's a shame they're so expensive, but it would make a great gift experience for someone! Yeah I'm not sure how well the two things actually worked in the end, I think I'll be sticking to pulled pork burgers in the future! x

  7. Those are seriously the cutest little houses / sheds.

    I love the new layout by the way!

  8. Thank you Jes! It was a spur of the moment thing but I fancied a change :) x

  9. I agree, there's something about water that is so peaceful you just can't get it elsewhere! Yeah I mean in all fairness the weather is terrible compared to a lot of other places so I guess that's why we're not really famous for any of our beaches. I hope one day I'll go on a balloon ride... it's so expensive but such a once in a lifetime thing! Oh you should really try it - I can't get enough!! x

  10. I love little colourful beach huts like that! I never really see 'em in Sydney. This looks like a lovely place to spend a sunny day :)

  11. How cute are the beach huts! I want one! Great photography xx


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