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This Week's Links: Outside The World of Bloggers

10 Aug 2014
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I see a lot of favourite links of the week posts flying about on Bloglovin', and although I love being pointed in the right direction when it comes to blog posts, I thought it'd be nice to change it up a little and share my favourites that weren't blogger related.

  • These pictures from the finalists of The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition are absolutely incredible. I can't believe some of them aren't photo shopped!

  • Here you can see what some of today's most popular websites (such as Twitter and Amazon) looked like when they first surfaced on the web. Some of the previous designs are shockingly bad!

  • I'm a sucker for a feel-good video, and this one is no exception. A photographer surprises a boy he inspired with his work - I love a good surprise.

  • If you're looking for a new TV series to watch, then I've been absolutely loving Suburgatory, Orange is the New Black and Community. Of course I am also watching The Great British Bake Off, but that's a given.

  • If you haven't seen Out of the Blue's charity cover of Hips Don't Lie circling the web then where on earth have you been? I've been entertaining myself for quite a while watching their other A Cappella covers on YouTube and my favourites are Lady Marmalade and I Wanna Dance with Somebody - probably because they are two of my favourite songs, and these boys certainly do them justice. 

  • This is a short little creative video that I was first introduced to on Immy's blog, and it's about the self-doubt that those who want to enter into a creative career face. As a future graduate in a few years time I found it quite sweet and reassuring.

  • Okay, now for my little cheat link. This one is actually from a blogger, but it's such a great article that I just had to include it. You can find 'My 8 Steps for feeling Confident' on Cupcake and Cashmere HERE, and I found it so, so helpful and motivating!

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1 comment on "This Week's Links: Outside The World of Bloggers"
  1. The picture, yes! I've always wanted a space similar.

    As for the videos, and the photography of the animals, wow. Both videos so inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing! x


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