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Visiting Brighton: The Lanes, Chocolate Shops & Dainty Cafes

17 Aug 2014

It's less than two weeks from now until I move to France for the year, so right now I'm trying to prioritise relaxing and catching up with friends as much as possible before I leave. This does mean that once again blogging has been pushed further and further down in my to do list! 

Having said this, I recently took my boyfriend to Brighton for his 21st birthday present and have a few photos from the incredible city to show you all. Brighton is quite possibly my favourite city to be in, it's where I lived for the first few years of my life so I guess I feel like I have some kind of a nostalgic connection to it, even though I don't actually remember living there! Brighton has it all for me - it has creativity, beauty, bustling streets and the sea. Oh and as I recently found out on this trip it also has an abundance of amazing cafes!

So let's begin with a few snaps of The Lanes and North Laine which are undoubtedly the best part of Brighton. Seriously if you ever find yourself nearby then go! They're also a bloggers dream!

Along with the adorable lanes, Brighton is also known for its cool and artistic tendencies. This Pie Shop looked so cool I had to take a picture of it! I can never understand why more places don't do this... surely it must be brilliant for business?

Admist all the beautiful, quirky shops were endless cafes. I was seriously in my element, and was allowed to choose everywhere we went for lunch pretty much because Dafydd knew how excited it made me! I picked the Blackbird Tea Rooms because who doesn't love a good tea rooms? We sat outside in the cute little garden and I ordered my usual Chai Latte and a large slice of Cinnamon Toast.

Yes, it was just as good as it looks. Perfectly crispy, beautifully sweet and wonderously thick. What more could you ask for?

I was too engrossed in The Lanes to take many pictures, but I did get a few in Choccywoccydodah...

How have I never seen this place before? I'm in love with all the incredible chocolate statues and figures created!

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6 comments on "Visiting Brighton: The Lanes, Chocolate Shops & Dainty Cafes"
  1. I haven't been to Brighton for years and years and now it's too far for me to get to easily :( Maybe next time I stay in London I should organise a trip there.

    Glad you had a lovely day x

  2. I've never been to Brighton, but it's a place I would like to see. Must admit, I've never had cinnamon toast before, but it looks pretty good.

  3. It's a must see in the UK! I literally don't think I've ever loved any city as much. Cinnamon toast is also a must :P x

  4. Ahh see that's my issue with a lot of places up North, whenever I'm there I'm busy at uni! It's actually so close to London, just an hour (I think maybe even less) direct train journey from Clapham, so it's quite an easy day trip! I will always love London, but there is so much beauty in a seaside town! x

  5. I actually saw a YouTube vlog about the Brighton Lanes not too long ago. They look so beautiful. :)

  6. Brighton looks like such a vibrant place! I've never been but I've heard the nightlife is fantastic too! And that cinnamon toast..

    Scottish Outlander


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