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10 Things to Love & Appreciate about The UK

11 Oct 2014
There are a lot of great things about France, but there are also a lot of great things about the UK, and living in France has highlighted a few things that I will seriously appreciate when I return to England. So to all of those who are in the UK right now, please appreciate these things on my behalf? (Especially the food related ones, preferably by making blogposts that I can drool over.)

1. Reasonable Opening Hours
When you work in a shop and you want lunch in Britain, you take your lunch break. You have your sandwich or your catch up with your pal down the road, and then you go back. None of this 'let's all take three hours for lunch and inconvenience everyone by closing the whole shop down' malarky.

2.Decent Sized Coffees
The French may do a brilliant coffee, but they sure do like it strong. Cafe au Lait, aka a coffee with milk, is usually the equivalent of an espresso in the UK, both in size and in strength.

3. Efficiency
Okay so we may not be the most efficient in the world, but we are certainly a hell of a lot more efficient than the French. I love France, I really do, but the amount of problems I have had with paperwork, timings and lost emails etc, etc, is seriously not cool.

4. British Fashion
I adore a lot of French fashion, but I will happily admit that I am seriously struggling without my beloved Topshop and Urban Outfitters here. The French fashion sense is very, very different to England and I don't think it'll ever be my style.

5. Going Out in a skirt or shorts and not being judged
It is 25 degrees and I want to wear my pretty summer dress or some shorts. No I do not want to wear jeans because jeans are for cold weather. I do not want to look like a sweaty betty before I've even reached my friends at the bar. I genuinely saw a couple who were both wearing jeans on the beach the other day and I have no idea how that's actually possible in this heat!

6. Lifts
The amount of buildings I've been into with no lifts and flight after flight of stairs (including my own) is crazy. I'm not lazy but when walking in and out of my building leaves me out of breath (this may potentially be down to the fact that I am remarkably unfit), I would very much enjoy a lift.

7. Chai Lattes
They're just not the same in France. Not the same. The spices are all different and it makes me mourn for the lattes in the UK.

8. Woods
Where are the woods here? I never even thought I liked woods very much in England until I came here! I miss the enchanting (albeit sometimes creepy) trees and never knowing which path to take and ending up in the middle of nowhere.

9. Bacon
Bacon butties mean a lot to me, and however much I love a French croissant in the morning, my heart will always remain with bacon, and the lardons here just do not fit the bill.

10. Full English Breakfasts
No words. This will be the first thing that I will be getting when I return to London to visit my boyfriend at the end of the month.

What do you appreciate the most about your country when you go away for a while? 
Although this post paints France in a slightly negative light, I will also be writing a post on the what I love about France very soon, don't worry!
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3 comments on "10 Things to Love & Appreciate about The UK"
  1. Just for you I might go for brunch soon and blog it, I haven't had a full English for aggggges :D

  2. Yes please do!! I am back for a week in 2 weeks for the sole purpose of getting a full english (well, almost) haha! x

  3. I've said this many times since your move but it surely does sound like a difficult move, but I do hope you're enjoying it nevertheless.

    As if they don't have a Topshop! That's a shame. Here in Australia we don't have a Urban Outfitters (boo!), but I do love our Topshop. :)

    And jeans in heat? No thank you! I am with you on that one.


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