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Hello, England.

30 Oct 2014

Yeah so, I'm back in England, but only for a week! I catch a flight back to Montpellier on Saturday morning and I honestly can't wait (you didn't think you'd ever catch me saying that now, did you?), but I have had a lovely, relaxing week with my family and some friends from home. I've also been able to have many of the things that I missed so much in France!

Full English Breakfasts:: Bacon!!! Can you believe that they actually don't even sell proper bacon in most supermarkets in France? It's all about the lardons. You can't put a lardon in a sandwich with large helpings of butter and ketchup now can you?!

Chai Lattes:: Nobody does them better than good old British/American coffee shops. Although Nero managed to serve up my friends hot chocolate with some gone off cream when we popped in... not cool!

London:: Although I actually had a really horrible day when I went to London earlier this week (a combination of many things), I still fell in love, as I always do, with the animated atmosphere. As soon as I graduate, I'll be spending all my time job hunting in London, just you wait.

British TV:: Just being able to watch TV on an actual TV is quite the luxury. Me and mum are particularly enjoying Made In Chelsea (although Lucy and Proudlock? Come on, that's never going to work out) and Strictly Come Dancing (bring back the beautiful Thom Evans please.)

Roast Dinner:: Oh it's just so good. The gravy is something that I've definitely missed a lot in France, and the roast potatoes. Yummy yummy.

Pubs:: Nothing says typically British like a great pub meal in a British pub, and that is exactly what me and my family went and had last night in a nearby little village.

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8 comments on "Hello, England."
  1. You coulndn't get proper bacon when I lived in Australia either! Don't these people understand?

    I love London too, I wish I lived there. x

  2. OMG I bet that off cream came as such a shock! Gross!! They must get through so much cream at this time of year it seems mad it'd have time to go off!

    Have a safe flight back x

  3. I don't know how you candle handle having no bacon sandwiches!! I don't even have them often but I would definitely miss them. Hope you enjoyed your hols :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Yeah my friend thought she had gone mad until I confirmed that it was definitely 100% bad! Not even a little bit sour, it was completely gone off! Yeah exactly, and the weirdest thing was that half an hour later a whole family brought their hot chocolates back up to the counter because the same cream had been put on them. You would've thought they'd bin it immediately! Thank you :) x

  5. Me neither... fortunately I loooooooove croissants as much as bacon, and the French are the Gods of croissants, so it's not too bad ;) Thank you!! x

  6. I really think if they tried bacon sandwiches properly then they'd get addicted like us! Although the French do have croissants, and they do croissants VERY well as we all know! x

  7. I'm pretty sure Brits are always forced to compromise on the bacon whenever they go abroad, but HEY you get to be in France! Welcome back! ;)

  8. Happy to hear that you're back for a little while. It must feel pretty great being back around familiar places. :)

    There's no place like home.


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