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La Belle Ville De Sète

13 Oct 2014

Warning: This post contains photos taken in the glorious sunshine in October. Apologies in advance to those currently in cold and rainy climates. Jealousy may occur.

The sunshine came back to the South of France and so we took the opportunity to go and visit one of the beautiful towns nearby and boy, was it picturesque. My mood was quite literally sky high for the whole day because it was so lovely and we were so lucky with the weather! If anyone is ever around the Languedoc-Roussillon region theSète is a must. An absolute must.

I felt like I might as well have been on holiday looking at this view. Let's all just admire the beautiful blue skies and glistening blue water for a moment...

My birthday presents from the family finally arrived almost two weeks late in the morning! They were in a big parcel box and there were quite a few little things, each perfect and so unbelievably thoughtful! I very nearly teared up whilst opening them. 

One of the presents from my sister was the cute silver pendant necklace that I am wearing, and one of the presents from my parents was the dress I am wearing which is from Topshop. I couldn't believe that my mum had got it spot on, and it wasn't even something that I would've normally picked out in store! 

Boats, boats, glorious boats. Can you tell I love boats yet? 

We soon settled down for a coffee and a snack by the water, which I have to say was my favourite part of the day. I love wondering around, but relaxing by the water in the glorious sunshine will always, hands down, be my favourite part of a day.

A lunch without a crepe is like a lunch without... well, it's just not a lunch.

After our little snack (which as per usual ending up lasting a good few hours), we went for another wonder round the streets and along the water.

This snap kind of reminds me of London a bit. I think it's the white building and the red door perhaps, but it made me feel seriously nostalgic!

It's days like these that I feel blessed to be living in the South of France. I may rant a lot about it and the differences it has with England, but when it's beautiful weather and I'm surrounded by beautiful towns and landscapes then I really do consider myself fortunate. 
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13 comments on "La Belle Ville De Sète"
  1. how lovely! the weather in london at the moment is truly, truly awful!

    becky ::

  2. So jealous, although I am settling in to this autumnal weather quite nicely, I just wish it would stop raining! Glad you are having so many fun adventures :) x

    P.S. I love your dress!

  3. Wow, so gorgeous! The day you decided to post this we've had horrendous rain storms all day!
    I love the dress, you look stunning!

  4. Can you guys stop having fun please?! You're making me jealous. :(

    Yep. Sure. Thanks.. Bye.

    Emily xx

    My GingerBread Journey

  5. You're right, the weather looks brilliant. It's supposed to be nice here in Australia, but of course where I live the weather is so unpredictable. You just don't know if it's going to be scorching hot or freezing cold, but I am glad it's great for you!

    The scenery looks ah-may-zing, and you're right, your mum picked a winner on that dress. You look gorgeous.

  6. Your photos are beautiful Imogen! Commenting from rainy October London, you can probably sense the jealously oozing out of my words right now...And that crepe...*lovestruck*. Lunch without a crepe is basically not in the dictionary. And that final snap really does look like a London street! London love x

  7. Yeah not gonna lie, I do miss autumn weather! Thank you :) It was such a good choice from my parents! x

  8. It's a bit like that here in the sense that sometimes it's pouring it down with rain and thunderstorms actually, but so far it hasn't been cold at all! Thank you!! :) x

  9. Hahaha brilliant! In all fairness it's not all sunshine, we haven't had rain for a while now but I've spotted a few clouds in the sky today! Poor me ;) Kind of looking forward to coat weather though! Thank you!! :) x

  10. Thank you :) Haha London is always great even with rain though! x

  11. What a dreamy place! I wish I could be there rather than at my boring desk at work x

  12. Off to the beach today... ;) x

  13. I've been hearing! I'm back soon for a week and I can't wait to be back but I'm dreading the weather! x


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