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My One Month Anniversary In France: Floods, Adjusting & An Apartment Update

3 Oct 2014
Okay guys, it's officially been a month since I moved to France. It's crazy seeing friend's Facebook statuses and tweets about how they can't believe their year abroad 'has begun so soon', when here I am having almost hit the one month mark already! 

In all honesty I still haven't got into the swing of things with university/being a student, and it still pains me to go onto campus when I know I'll only understand half of the lectures, but I feel like I am slowly (very slowly), getting to grips with things. The main issue I have with French Universities is that the lectures are 1.5 - 3 hours long, which realistically was never going to work out for me. Think of all those hour long lectures in England and how you switch off after about 30 minutes (or at least I do)... then imagine having to sit for another few hours! At first it was an absolute nightmare, and I found myself drifting off in every single lesson, getting back into the zone and then realising I had no idea what the teacher was talking about or what I had missed. I'm gradually paying more attention though and feel like by the end of the semester I might've got the hang of things... slightly!

I've also signed up for evening French language classes, and although they are at the unbearable time of 6-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday, I know I need them! It's hard to be confident enough to speak French when I'm with friends here because I just assume that they're better/ more confident than me and leave it up to them. It's such a silly mindset to get into and quite hard to get out of, but hopefully these evening classes are a step in the right direction!

My apartment is now almost fully furnished, we are still awaiting some more chairs and a 'banquette' which could be a sofa or a bench (fingers crossed it's a sofa!) but the landlady has actually provided most of the stuff that she promised finally! The bad news is that our boiler broke a few days ago and we aren't expecting anyone to fix it until Tuesday. I feel like I might as well be camping because right now I have to boil the kettle and have a sponge bath instead of a proper shower! Not cool. We've also managed to kit it out with a few decorative bits and bobs and make it feel so much more homely.

On Tuesday it was my 21st birthday and I think I had the best birthday I've had in a long time. Monday was not a good day because we were caught up in monsoon like rain and storms, which resulted in a 'vigilance rouge' aka red alert being sounded! It freaked me out a bit because although I'm used to rain, this was really quite something else. The trams stopped running and some of my friends were stuck at uni for hours because they couldn't get a tram home nor could they attempt to wade through the knee deep water home! If you want to see some pictures (which I thought were fake until I walked outside myself) then here is a good article and some great pictures. Fortunately everything had cleared up by the next day so I could actually enjoy my birthday properly, and I think I was just so glad that the floods had been Monday that anything would've made me happy on that day!

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1 comment on "My One Month Anniversary In France: Floods, Adjusting & An Apartment Update"
  1. It does sound like you are having an adventure if nothing else! Happy belated Birthday to you, I hope you got to eat lots of cake!

    I can't believe lectures are so long, I would never be able to concentrate for that long! Glad your furniture is sorted and hopefully the boiler will get fixed soon! xxx


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