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Settling In: My Week in Snapshots

21 Oct 2014
Okay so remember that post I wrote about misfortunes in France? Remember how stressed out and irritated I was by everything? Well I think I'm finally settled. As in, I don't want to get on the next plane back to England everyday and I kind of really, really like this place.

I mean, it's certainly not been plain sailing, and I still love England, and get stressed out by mundane everyday hassles here, but I am feeling so much happier than even just two weeks ago. I feel like Montpellier is my home now and I'm content here. It's still terrifying, but it's my home and I adore the city.

I've been on top of my game when it comes to Instagram (if that's even a thing/ something to be proud of), so here are a few of my highlights from the week:

Promenade du Peyrou
The first two pictures were taken in Promenade du Peyrou, which is about 5 minutes walk my apartment building, and yet I'd never even been there! I think I was kind of scared by the stories of strange people lurking there, but I went on a lazy, sunny Sunday with a few friends and we had a lovely, relaxing time.

L'Arc du Triomphe
All major French cities seem to have these! I see this every morning when I walk to Uni because it's on the road right next door to my building, and there is always person after person taking photos of it from in the middle of the road! It's pretty beautiful, and is a great representation of the beauty of the city on a whole.

Nights Out
This was before the many shots... 
But seriously, a great night out with great company never fails to put me in a good mood, and last Friday certainly didn't disappoint. Despite the club being quite empty, I had a really good time!

Lattes & Postcard Shopping
I am addicted to postcards. I'm currently developing a postcard wall (and thinking of possibly writing a post on some of my favourites?), and there is the most wonderful shop in Montpellier that is postcards galore. One of these was a Mark Twain quote, and the others were classic black and white photographs.

Coffee & Cupcakes
As we all know, caramel is my favourite flavour, so obviously this is a caramel cupcake. It was from Cupcakes by Lila where myself and some friends spent a good few hours nattering away and admiring the beautiful vintage decor! This shop is quite literally three doors down from me, and reminds me so much of adorable cake shops you get in England!

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6 comments on "Settling In: My Week in Snapshots"
  1. So glad you are feeling more settled now :) Love the beautiful photos, I'll have to find you on Instagram!

  2. Me too! I never knew how bad I was with change before.. but this has taught me a lot! I'm getting so into instagram right now, followed you back! x

  3. Glad you are all settled now! I am addicted to postcards too, I buy them for myself as souviners whenever I go on holiday! x

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog today! Such lovely photos, I've never been to France, it all looks amazing. I have a 15 month old little girl named Imogen by the way!

  5. Thank you! :) Awh how sweet, I love hearing about little Imogens! Funnily enough I went through about two years of my life hating the name because I just decided it sounded boring, and then I remember a stranger saying how beautiful it was and from then on I've loved it! x

  6. Ah lovely snaps! The coffee, cakes, lattes + postcard shopping sounds so idyllic! Glad to hear you are all settled in now. Such an exciting time, I'm looking forward to seeing more as you keep us all posted! <3


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