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Snapshots From My 21st Birthday Celebrations

9 Oct 2014
So after a whole day of flooding and torrential rain, the skies finally cleared just in time for my actual birthday last Tuesday (thank you mother nature). 
I honestly think I had one of the best birthdays that I've ever had in the past few years, which is probably down to the people and the fact that I was never on my own for any of it (extroverts dream!)
Kir Royal: Myself and my flatmate started the celebrations the night before whilst we were stuck inside with some Kir Royal pictured above on some lovely French coasters from our trip to Carcassonne. 
Jellyfish: My birthday itself began with a trip to the nearby aquarium to see the penguins, sharks, stingrays and all sorts of other sea animals! We all felt like excited children for the whole day and it was a great start to my birthday.

Birthday bunting: My bedroom is finally taking shape and looking especially cute with fairy lights, a patterned pinboard and some lovely bunting which my friends all got me as a birthday present.
French Desserts: Okay so this wasn't actually on my birthday, but my friend Anna popped over for some Chilli Con Carne and a bottle of fizzy at the weekend, and with her she brought an amazing selection of desserts. I have such a sweet tooth so I was delighted to see what she'd chosen! The raspberry mousse was quite possibly my favourite, but the lemon meringue was surprisingly delicious for someone who isn't usually too keen on the dessert!
Birthday Meal: (Pictured twice above). I ended the night with a table for 14 at a wonderful French/Italian restaurant called Arezzo. Our orders ranged from hamburgers, to pasta, to risotto and also steak, and they were all absolutely delicious. There's something about the risotto here in particular which is delicious. It actually has some really poor ratings online, which just goes to show that you should trust word of mouth over TripAdvisor sometimes!
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  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic way to spend it xx


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