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That Cute Little Café In France...

17 Oct 2014
Most streets you go down in Montpellier have multiple enticing looking cafés and restaurants, and they are pretty much all independent. This is one of my favourite things about the place, because it's something which you just don't find in England enough. Sure, we have an abundance of lovely chains, but there's something special about local, independent places. Each is unique in its own way, and each café has its own specialised menu and beautiful decor. It's really no wonder all people seem to do in their spare time here is drink (normally very strong coffee) in the nearest bustling square...

Last week, myself, Rowan and Anna took a trip down to Café Noisette which we go past everyday on the tram to university, but have never actually gone inside.

One of the things I have found with French cafés and restaurants, is that they really don't go for the large, varied menus. It does mean that they can do what they do offer very well, but for someone like me whose taste buds have yet to flourish (will I ever like the taste of seafood?!), I sometimes struggle with the minimal menu approach. So we were faced with the option of either burgers, or a fancy sounding salad. All three of us picked the salad because it really did sound quite appealing, and I know how great the French are with their salads...

It was as tasty as it looked, and I particularly loved the crunchy onions that they put on top of the tartine. They seem to do that a lot here, and although my friends seem to hate it, it's perfect for me! The fruit and veg here in general is great so unsurprisingly the salad also seemed deliciously fresh.

To drink, I had a Chai Latte, which I must say was nice but nowhere near as good as the likes of places in England. There was one very strong flavour coming through and I could barely taste any cinnamon! First stop when I arrive in Gatwick in a few weeks? Starbucks.

For dessert, Anna went for a delicious looking cake and I have literally completely forgotten what it was! 

I of course jumped at the chance to try one of their yummy looking cupcakes...

I chose a 'Praline' cupcake, which consisted of a deliciously nutty sponge and a passion fruit inside. It seemed like a somewhat bizarre combination, but actually worked so well! There was also of course a caramel sauce drizzled over it which suited my constant desire for the flavour very well.

This made me miss my oven a lot, and I have promised my friends here an endless supply of cupcakes when we finally do get one (hopefully in two weeks!)

The general decor reminded me of cute little English coffee shops, and they are literally everywhere around Montpellier! These little Pastry Chef kits displayed looked absolutely adorable and like so much fun, we were tempted to buy one for ourselves but it would be useless with no oven!

I just think that this quote is absolutely perfect for a café like this where you can lounge about on the sofas, surrounded by beautiful decoration, wonderful company and scrumptious food. What more can we ask for in life?!

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3 comments on "That Cute Little Café In France..."
  1. It is such a huge shame that independent cafés and restaurants are harder and harder to find in the UK. It's so great to find somewhere cosy and unique with a fun menu looking local produce. I love some of the chains but it does all get a little boring.

    It's so fun eating abroad, you get to try all kinds of new flavour combinations. No one else can EVER make tea properly though, only us Brits know how!

    Chloe x

  2. The menu is so cute, actually!

  3. That cupcake looks AMAZING! I love the decor too, it's so cute! I hope you get your new oven soon too.


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