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Back in France: Life Update

16 Nov 2014

I'm not really quite sure how to interpret the past few weeks. Life has been very, very up and down. A big decision has been made which has left me with very mixed feelings, and I can't decide whether I'm feeling more or less like myself right now. In fact, I can't even decide whether that sentence makes sense, but I guess it just goes to prove how muddled I am feeling. The distractions here in France have also died down, mainly due to a change in weather and workloads increasing, and as someone who is incredibly extroverted, I am struggling a bit. I am the type of person who wants to be doing something 7/7 days a week. I am the type of person who hates staying in bed all day (unless I have a horrendous hangover), because I will end up over-thinking every aspect of my life, and creating problems that aren't necessarily there. I also have to stop and remind myself sometimes that I am 21, so all these minor stresses don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, this is the reason why I've not been blogging much recently, because life has most definitely got in the way.

Okay so, emotional out pour aside, here are a few things I've been doing/enjoying since I've been back:
enjoying the Montpellier nightlife; 
baking blondies our new mini oven; 
missing an essay deadline for the first time in my life because I misheard the date; 
actually feeling confident after a French grammar test; 
making gnocchi pasta bake for the first time (this newbie didn't even realise gnocchi was a thing);
finding cheddar cheese in the french supermarkets;
sampling toffee vodka (which is actually quite nice by the way); 
randomly meeting a guy from right by my hometown in a club; 
venturing to new, adorable cafes & sampling their vanilla chai lattes; 
finding the perfect, cosy, soft scarf in Zara;
buying a Disney Princesses Advent Calendar;
indulging in the same salted caramel and chocolate melt in the middle dessert multiple times; 
acting like a mama hen and delivering food to my poorly, bed ridden friend all week; 
helping calm my flatmate down about going on a date with a French guy; 
being very impressed and proud of my flatmate going on a date with a French guy; 
trying to decide whether I want to get an internship, full time job or do Camp America this Summer;
writing a bucket list for my year abroad;
smiling a lot when restaurant owners I walk past everyday recognise me;
enjoying the fact that Montpellier still has blue skies and sunshine;
playing Christmas songs and planning our apartment decorations.

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