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Breakfast at Bill's in Farnham

2 Nov 2014

So, Bill's only went and opened up a restaurant within ten minutes drive from my home town whilst I was in France...

Naturally, this meant that a trip down to Farnham for Bill's breakfast was top of my itinerary when I went back home for a week. I actually read said itinerary out to a few friends before I left France and they all joked about how everything was food related... sorry not sorry guys, food should always take centre stage.

I ordered their Super Green Smoothie because I have this issue with hot drinks in the morning, does anyone else get this too? I just can't deal with a cup of anything warm! I have no idea what was in it, but that was probably for the best as I'm one of those annoying people who freaks out when a food item is mentioned that sounds odd! I get this smoothie all the time though and it is always absolutely delicious, and tastes so healthy too!

Mum and Tash went for the Full English on Sourdough bread (an excellent addition!) It was delicious and the bacon was oh so crispy which always gets top marks for me. I love a gourmet breakfast, but I can't help missing the £3.50 bog-standard breakfasts we used to get the morning after a night out in Leeds. I mean, on a whole obviously gourmet style is the best style, but sometimes you just need a classic diner style Full English, don't you?!

I of course went for the pancakes. Just like any other British folk I love my Full English Breakfasts, but pancakes are my all time favourite food and I just couldn't resist Bill's 'American Blueberry Pancakes'. As predicted, they were ultra yummy and everything I wanted in my pancakes that morning.

Bill's is still up there with my favourite restaurants in England (and quite possibly takes the number one spot), and a little birdie told me they're beginning to move further North which is very exciting news. Fingers crossed they'll be one when I return to Leeds in final year!
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11 comments on "Breakfast at Bill's in Farnham"
  1. Oh god, breakfast....the most delicious food related time of the day. I must say I'm generally a savoury person in the morning, but I think I could probably make an exception for those pancakes!

  2. I've also heard this :) I have a pretty strong incling we're getting one in Newcastle or Durham soon! Leeds would be great as well x

  3. Yum pancakes look amazing! I have the same about hot drinks - only usually have one a day in the afternoon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I haven't been to Bill's for breakfast yet, but I love their burgers! x

  5. Just wanted to mention that I love love love your blog theme! and your header is beautiful:)

    Ariana // Thoughts Through a Teacup

  6. Bills is my life. Every time we go to Cambridge they are without a doubt our number one stop off spot. When, oh when, is Bills going to open up in Leeds!? I feel like I'm being deprived!

    Emily xx

    My GingerBread Journey

  7. Ooo me too! I had a Chorizo and Chicken one last time I went for lunch and it was sooo delicious! x

  8. Thank you so much! I'm always wanting to change it and I'm never completely happy with it so that's really nice to hear :) x

  9. I totally agree, although the best breakfasts are always the most hassle and require the most effort which is annoying! Oh no, my sweet tooth will always pick the pancakes! x

  10. They'll probably all arrive within a few months of each other because that's what usually happens! One of my favourite things about the place is that they always design each restaurant slightly differently, so I'll be intrigued to see what they'd do with the ones up North! x

  11. This post just made me so much more hungrier than what I am. My gosh.


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