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My Year Abroad Bucket List

14 Jan 2015

It's nearly time to fly back to France for the second part of my year abroad there, and I think it's high time I made myself a bucket list. 2016 will be my final year at University, and then I'll most likely be going straight into full time work, so I'm probably never going to have as much spare time as I have this year ever again. Because of this, I really want to make the most of the year and complete everything on the list below!

1. Attempt to make Macarons
2. Go to Barcelona
3. Go to Lyon
4. Lie on the beach in the Sunset
5. Visit Sete
6. Go to Disneyland Paris
7. Kayak/Canoe along a beautiful river
8. Hike up Pic St Loup
9. Go to an English/French exchange evening 
10. Visit Carcassonne
11. Go to a French Cinema
12. Watch a French Play
13. Make a Scrapbook
14. Do a high ropes course in France
15. Round off my year abroad inter railing around Europe
16. Go shopping in Paris
17. Try some snails!
18. Go on a wine-tasting tour
19. Read a French novel

Has anyone else made a list like this before? What's on yours?
3 comments on "My Year Abroad Bucket List"
  1. I definitely need to make something like this! I have so many places and things I want to do, I think this makes it more tangible and actually do-able. I loooved Barcelona, I'm sure you will too! I wasn't the biggest fan of Paris Disneyland though, the American ones are definitely a lot better! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. This is a great list. Definitely make the most of not working full-time while you can!

  3. I definitely know how you feel about not having any free time - I am a full-time student and at the beginning of 2016, hopefully, I will be a full-time worker!

    That is a good list, and it's so cool you have crossed some off. :)


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