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A Weekend in Barcelona: Part I

10 Feb 2015

To say that my expectations of Barcelona were high would be a huge understatement. But despite these expectations I was still completely wowed and blown over by the city. The fact that I only had a weekend there killed me, and I've already agreed to go again in May (after all, it is only four hours away at the moment). Not only did I fall in love with the city, but I also fell in love with the general vibe of the place, and my weekend entailed not only some sightseeing but some interesting and kind of entertaining stories! So much so that this first post is going to be quite chatty, with less photos and more thoughts on the place. The next two posts on Barcelona will feature a lot more pretty photos, I promise.

We took the coach up on Friday afternoon and after six hours and one border crossing we were in Barcelona. We headed straight over to Generator Hostel, which is a pretty modern, great value and very friendly. Being the foodie that I am means that my aims of a city visit always include sampling the best restaurants, in Spain this meant trying some tapas and some paella, so after a brief lie down we headed out to Las Ramblas to find a Tapas restaurant. My friend Anna remembered a place called Ocana on Plaça Reial from a few years back so we managed to avoid the hassle of trawling the streets for a restaurant that looked nice and wasn't full, and headed over there. 

Ocana had such a cool but also fancy restaurant vibe, and the sure did know how to make a strong but tasty cocktail. We were greeted by some staff dressed up in seriously strange costumes which I couldn't imagine happening in England or even in Montpellier, but although it was weird it was also kind of cool to see the difference in atmospheres. We ordered a selection of tapas dishes including ham croquettes, potato and chorizo omelette, meatballs with cuttlefish, and everything we were served was perfect. 

We then went on a bar called Glaciar for, of course, some sangria. We used to go to a bar called Andalus in Montpellier all of last term, and every time I got a litre of Sangria for 5€; I know, a litre all to myself but what can I say? I love me some Sangria. So anyway, we ordered a jug of it and took a seat in the Spanishy pub-like bar. Now this is where the night began to get even weirder (as if being greeted at Ocana by a man wearing what looked like tights over his face wasn't bizarre enough). There we were, happily sipping away at our sangria, when about ten people came in with baguette shaped brown paper bags, said nothing and headed upstairs. Then ten more, and more, and more. We literally had no idea what was going on and ended up laughing away with another group of English people at the absurdity of the situation! It must have been a private event so I guess we will never know what was in the bags or why they had them... some things are better left a mystery I guess.

Big cities and me have a weird relationship; they fill me with anxiety the minute I set foot in them, but once I adapt I fall in love. So I was surprised at how quickly I became comfortable in Barcelona (my gin cocktail could've quite possibly contributed to that as well, apparently I'm more of a lightweight than I thought...).

Shopping is a must if you ever visit Barcelona, and we actually ended up spending most of Saturday in Brandy Melville. I felt kind of guilty that I hadn't been more cultural, but we were so overwhelmed by the cheaper prices in Zara and Brandy Melville that we completely lost track of time!

Stay tuned for parts II and III, where we took a little walk down to the sea, and visited the famous Park Guell. 
10 comments on "A Weekend in Barcelona: Part I"
  1. Ah Barcelona is one of my favourite cities ever! Glad you had such a fab time. I loove sangria as well and it is so cheap for a giant pitcher - ideal! I need to get back there ASAP! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Will definitely be staying tuned for the next parts coming up.

    The buildings look amazing! Everything does, but yes, I also wonder what's in the bags! haha.

  3. So glad you loved Barcelona! It is one of my favourite European cities and i would love to go back there soon. Can't wait to read more about your trip! X

  4. So glad you had fun in Barcelona, can't wait to read the next posts :)
    Anna x

  5. Ha! I think curiosity would have got the better of me, I would have been up those stairs to see what was going on.

    I've not been to Barcelona, it's been on my wish list for such a long time ... one day!

    Looking forward to hearing what you got up to next :)

    Chloe x

  6. I actually read your posts about the city again just before I left because I remembered you raving about the place, and I can see why! Now I just need to go to Australia... x

  7. Me too now. Haha it's great, so glad we have it in France as well for quite cheap! x

  8. One of the English men on the table next to us did and when he came back down he said he couldn't tell us... I reckon he was lying and didn't actually know! You need to go! x

  9. The architecture throughout the city is incredible, I've never seen anything like it! But then again, I haven't been to many places! x


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