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A Weekend in Barcelona: Part II

14 Feb 2015

A walk towards the sea...
A pretty sunset...
A delicious seafood paella...
A night out at Razzmatazz...
& three hours sleep.

Saturday not only included visits to as many American/British shops as possible, but also a walk down to the waterfront. Unfortunately we didn't have time to properly see the beach, but we've agreed to organised another trip in a few months when it's a lot sunnier and we can appreciate it more. Having said that, I absolutely loved walking along the waterfront in the pictures, and I kind of liked how (vaguely) quiet and peaceful it was without the summer tourists! 

On Saturday evening we headed down La Rambla and into a back street to find Restaurante Los Toreros, which we'd been told was a 'non-touristy' restaurant. Sure enough, the place had a great, friendly Spanish vibe and we heard near to no English from anyone. We ordered a gigantic paella for four which included various vegetables, chicken and seafood. Now despite spending most of my day thinking about food, I'm actually quite a picky eater when it comes to savoury things (fortunately my sweet tooth knows no limits). This is so frustrating, especially because I feel like I'm a major inconvenience to people when we order things to share, so I figured what the hell, i'll give the prawns and mussels a go. Thank the lord I did because it was so, so damn good, and I wasn't even dosed up on sangria so I really, truly appreciated it! I still wouldn't order a seafood dish on my own at a restaurant (especially not when chicken is on the menu), but I will happily eat them if they're put on my plate.

Apparently the Spanish are even more chilled out about evening meal times than the French (it has taken a lot of time for my big appetite to adjust to this), which meant that we didn't end up eating till about 10pm and got back to the hostel around 11.30pm. A trip to the bar and a few lot of tequila shots later and me and a friend headed out to Razzmatazz, one of Barcelona's biggest clubs, to sample the Spanish nightlife. 

Although it did cost a whopping great 17€ to get in (quite possibly the most I've paid ever), it was worth it and I'm glad I was able to experience the nightlife there because they sure do know how to have a good night. My friend was incredibly chatty to the taxi driver on the way back, but he didn't speak very much English, so I even managed to practice a bit of  my GCSE Spanish, and he definitely understood me perfectly... haha! I feel like I want to spent the Summer there improving my language, but it's probably best to focus on my French first.

I'm not done quite yet, there's part III coming up soon, folks! 

3 comments on "A Weekend in Barcelona: Part II"
  1. Bronwyn Pearson McConvey14 February 2015 at 21:08

    The Spanish eat so late!! I remember when we were there a few years back, my hubby and I ended eating 4 meals a day to make it through each 24 hours. We'd eat breakfast, a mid-day lunch, a large snack at about 5pm and then join the Spanish crowds for dinner at 10pm. No wonder I put on some weight that trip!!

  2. These pictures are amazing Imogen, especially of the water. The boats are gorgeous. What a beautiful view. :)

  3. This looks like such a fab trip! Funnily enough, I used to be really fussy too and didn't eat seafood until I visited Barcelona with friends and we ended up in a Catalan restaurant where nobody spoke any English. We had to just order what we vaguely recognised (prawns) and since then I've loved them - so there is hope!



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