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A Weekend in Barcelona: Part III

27 Feb 2015
Yes, I am back with yet another post on Barcelona. I really hope you're not bored by now, but this is the last one I promise; and Barcelona is so incredibly amazing that it deserves multiple posts.

On the last day of our visit, and with just three hours of sleep, we packed up our bags and headed towards the Sagrada Familia. Now unfortunately I don't have any photos of this because all that we could see was covered in scaffolding and not really worth taking a picture of. Of course, that was actually the back and not the front of the church which we didn't realise until we had hopped onto a bus and drove past the BEAUTIFUL front. Woops.

Now I'm a big fan of sightseeing buses, not just because you get to fit a lot in in just one day, but also because it saves those of us who have no sense of direction (aka: me), the stress and hassle of getting to and from places. The day pass was 27€ which was just about worth it for us, although we did freeze like crazy when we stayed on the top deck for a good hour and a half... not fun! Despite whizzing past quite a few different areas of the city whilst on the bus, time was very limited and so my photos are solely of the beautiful Park Güell, designed by Gaudi, and the views from it. But hey, who doesn't love a good view?

Myself and Rowan, awkward as ever.

We walked up to (what I think is) the highest viewing point, clambered onto some very small rocks with about fifty other people, and admired the beautiful views of the city. I love a good skyline as much as the next person and it's not often I get to see a beautiful 360 degree view in daylight so the walk to this point was well worth it.

As is the case with any ultra touristy spot, there were a lot of stalls and artwork for sale. This kind of thing usually stresses me out because I don't like feeling pressurised or pestered, but I didn't at all when I was walking around the park and the artwork was lovely and ultra colourful.

Next time I visit I will definitely be going to the Mosaic section of the Park, which unfortunately we didn't have time to have a look around due to queues and whatnot! The designs were all stunning, and especially beautiful in the sunlight which joined us pretty much throughout the entire weekend. Gaudi is one hell of an architect and I can really see why people rave about the city and the park in particular; his designs are not only beautiful but so colourful.

And there we have it - my third and final post on Barcelona. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll be heading back there this year, due to the fact that my funds are decreasing very rapidly. I really would say that it's my second favourite city though (first is London, of course) so fingers crossed I will be back in the near future.
5 comments on "A Weekend in Barcelona: Part III"
  1. The viewpoint looks amazing! The city... wow. So lucky.

    It was a pleasure to read your series on your travels! :)

  2. Hi there, Imogen! I've really been enjoying reading your blog over the last few months, and following your adventures abroad. I don't think I'd have the courage to live abroad for a year! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, and the full details can be found on my blog here:
    Have a lovely day :)

  3. I never get bored of reading about Barcelona - you know how much I love it! I so want to go back soon! Park guell was my favourite touristy thing we did! x

  4. Thank you, Sophie! I will have a look at the questions and do them soon! x


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