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February in Snapshots

5 Mar 2015
February has been a whirlwind of a month. Not only have I been attempting to adjust back into university life in France, but I've also been for a weekend in Barcelona, partied in London for my friends 21st and spent a week back in England. So yeah, seeing as how it's been such a fun month and all, I figured why not dedicate a little post to it featuring some of my favourite and happiest snaps from the month.

1 - 3. Back in England for a week which devastatingly did not end up involving Nando's or Bill's due to an unfortunate power cut and car troubles. It did however involve multiple walks with my adorable Spaniel, and multiple catch ups with my amazing mother. 

4. A Weekend in Barcelona and boy was it the best weekend ever. No Joke. I love that city. Did I mention that already?

5 & 6. The best 21st birthday party ever, held at Buddha Bar in London by my favourite twins Georgie and Katie. Georgie is one of my best friends from Leeds and I cannot describe how lovely it was to see her and my other best uni pals after so long. It's weird how you can go from seeing people everyday and actually living with them to only seeing them every few months. I also loved getting all dolled up for the night and sampling the London Nightlife for once!

7. Back to my favourite Montpellier Bagels. which oh my are incredible. We pop over to Food Corner which is a whopping great 3 minutes walk from my apartment, and I always order exactly the same delicious chicken (of course) bagel.

8 & 9. Walks in the Sunshine because it seems like the sun has decided to show its face and it was actually 18 degrees the other day. 18 degrees. That's beach weather in my eyes, but maybe I just have ultra low expectations. 
6 comments on "February in Snapshots"
  1. Bronwyn Pearson McConvey5 March 2015 at 18:22

    Happy Birthday! 21 was a good year if I remember correctly! :)

  2. Looks like a fab month and I'm so jel of the weather! You look fab in the picture from the 21st, love the necklace!


  3. Sounds like a fantastic month. Happy (belated) 21st birthday!

    Also, I'm not sure if you know or not but your social media icons below your picture don't seem to be working at the moment, or at least not for me.

  4. It was my friend's 21st, mine was in September but thank you! Ah yes they only seem to work if you click on the very top right of them, thanks so much for pointing that out! I'll get it sorted :) x

  5. These are lovely photos Imogen!! I love that you're currently in Montpellier :) My Mum is French and we go to the South of France every Summer to a little seaside town about an hour away from you - Grau d'Agde. I think it's amazing you study abroad, I have a lot of friends that have and I think it's so brave!! Uni is tough enough in your own country.

    You have a very pretty blog layout, you just can't beat a bit of bunting now can you!

    Good Luck with following your Marketing dream, you CAN do it!!! :)

    Emma xx

  6. I've heard about Agde! Is it worth a visit? We have it on our list of possible places to go :) yeah it's been as really tough experience but worth it, I'm learning so much.. Although not really as much language as hoped! Thank you!! Imogen x


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