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10 Little Things About The French Lifestyle

19 Mar 2015

Two weeks into Semester two here in France and I'd already booked a trip back home for the whole of my half term. Two months in and I've decided that I'm not going back at all for Easter break. It's suddenly dawned on me that I may never live in this beautiful, charming, sunny place ever again, and I only have two months left of my year abroad altogether. I don't like that thought.

I remember writing a 'Things I love about the UK' post way back in September/October, and whilst all the points on that list still stand, I think it's about time I created one dedicated to my home for this year. 

France really is a chilled out, calm but also incredibly passionate place. Although their slow administrative processes and education system might wind me up (a lot), it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Why? Because of these things:

1. The Friendliness
No seriously, I know it's a stereotype and all, but being greeted with a friendly 'Bonjour' or 'Bonsoir' whenever you walk into a shop is kinda nice and something you really don't get that much in England.

2. The Focus on Wine
Wine is always a good idea here in France. I mean yes, technically I did have this mentality in England as well, but it's a lot more acceptable to drink wine with every meal here than it is in England. It's also ultra cheap so there's that bonus as well. 

3. The Focus on Food
Same as above. The French really do appreciate the importance of good food, and lots of it.

4. An Appreciation of The Little Things
This may just be my interpretation, but I do feel like they appreciate the little things in everyday life more here. 

5. The Relaxed Attitude
They are so relaxed. As someone who likes other people to be organised and efficient it stressed me out so much at first, (I'm remembering my rant post about my apartment being unfurnished/internet-less/electricity-less for the first few weeks!) but I've learnt to embrace it and I think it's made me ever so slightly more calm. 

6. The Charm
Oh so much charm. Maybe I'm just lucky that I ended up in Montpellier, but going on my experience in France in general I'd say that there's a reason many choose the South of France as a relaxing, charming holiday destination...

7. The Desserts
And they really do ace their desserts, probably because they fricking love their chocolate.

8. The Fries
Another food related one and one which I've already spoken about (multiple times, probably).

9. The Beautiful Architecture
And balconies. I love love love the balconies here, it makes me feel like I'm on holiday and then I remember that I actually live here!

10. The Independent shops & Cafés
I'm sure all my fellow bloggers will, like me, appreciate the importance of individual, local cafés and shops. Not only are they more interesting to look around/try out, but it also shows France's general attitude towards supporting local business. More of this in the UK, please!

9 comments on "10 Little Things About The French Lifestyle"
  1. I can 100% see the charm through the photos you share. :)

    And the friendliness is definitely a plus.

  2. Great insides on French living!

  3. I think I might need to move to France... just to eat alllllll the french fries and drink allllll the wine!

  4. jessisratherstrange .20 March 2015 at 16:56

    Wow it sounds so beautiful! I love your writing style and this is such a unique topic, great job ^_^. I will definitely be conscious/looking out for these things when I go to Paris late April ^_- x

  5. Seriously anytime something stresses me out here I look to those two things (and the dessert) and everything is good and happy again, haha! x

  6. Thank you so much! Glad you like it :) Definitely do, although Paris is in a league of its own because it's so big and busy... so don't look out for the relaxed attitude, haha! x

  7. I hope they show how lovely it is, because I'll be able to look back on them when I'm back at Uni in England! x

  8. I adore the south of France!! That's where my mum is from and it must be where I get my love affair with food from haha. I agree with you about the balconies too, they're so pretty!!

    Emma xx


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