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Lyon: A Brief Encounter

10 Mar 2015
One of the best things about being abroad is having the opportunity to hop on a train and travel to cities that I will probably never be this close to again. Unfortunately, in Lyon's case I didn't get to see much of the city (hence the lack of photos) but I had a little walk around the centre and managed to get in a few coffee shop visits, of course. I was just going to add my trip to my Feburary Snapshots post but it is a great city & deserves a little more than just a mention.
The overall impression I got of the city was that it's a big place, but not so big that it lacks the charm of most French cities. Sure, there are some not so great and some not so beautiful parts, just like with any other city, but even in the centre the buildings were beautiful and mesmerizing, with the same typical French shutters and railings that give so many places abroad their character. It is a heck of a lot bigger than Montpellier and it made me realise how lucky I am to be in such a petite and therefore homely city whilst abroad. Don't get me wrong, I adore cities like London and Leeds, but moving abroad is a big enough step that I don't know if I'd be able to cope in a large city. That being said, I can absolutely see the appeal of the wonderful Lyon, and I think it'd be an incredible and exciting place to spend a year in France. 
There is also an abundance of independent coffee shops dotted about the place, like in Montpellier, along with some of the classics like Starbucks. I kind of like the mixture of big, corporate but familiar chains along with the more quaint and unusual independents. As much as I love spending hours and hours in the cutest and most unique cafe I can find, sometimes I really just want to dash in and out and Starbucks is the ideal place for that. It goes for the clothes shops as well as I spotted many French boutiques along with some of my favourite American shops like Brandy Melville. 

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  1. It sounds and looks amazing.

    If only I could travel as frequently as you, haha. I live in Australia, so we're pretty much 24 or more (flight) hours away from everything.


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