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Sète: A Walk by the Mediterranean Sea

13 Mar 2015

Sète was one of the first towns I visited when I arrived in Montpellier, and definitely one of my favourites. Although Montpellier is an amazing, charming little city, you have to hop on a tram and then a bus to get to the nearest (and not particularly picturesque) beach. So when we had some particularly glorious sunshine on Sunday we decided to hop on the twenty minute train to Sète. 

The last time I went we never actually made it to the sea. Mainly because we thought it'd be miles away but it was actually a short walk away, and well worth it. Unfortunately the tide was in, so we could only admire the beautiful Mediterranean from afar, but it was good enough! It was 20 degrees the other day over here, so I'm hoping it'll be nearly permanent beach weather by April... fingers crossed. 

Once we'd relaxed by the sea for a bit we ventured back into the centre and stopped by Le Bistro Du Port. I ordered a hamburger, much to the delight of the waiter who couldn't understand why I wanted it well done and not medium rare or rare! Needless to say it ended up being absolutely delicious, and cooked to p e r f e c t i o n. Anna had a prawn linguine and Meg had the mussels which as predicted were incredibly tasty. I genuinely think one of my favourite things about living here are the fries. You know when you go to a restaurant in England and if they really hit the spot with their fries then you feel like you're in heaven? Yeah well, that happens everywhere here. I am yet to find somewhere that does below average or even average fries. 

If you are around around the Languedoc-Roussillon region then definitely give Sète a visit!

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  1. So beautiful. Everything in these pictures scream out summer to me, haha.


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