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Tales of Tea // Si le thé m'était conté

30 Mar 2015

Way, way back in October my parents booked a long weekend in Montpellier (organised, I know), and that chosen weekend finally arrived this month. My whole family dropped me off in August, so they were already vaguely familiar with the city but hadn't seen it through my eyes yet. So I was crazily excited not just to see them but also to show them my favourite cafes and restaurants because, of course, everything was going to be primarily food focused. 

We started off with a trip to the fancy and ultra colourful tea shop which is quite literally next door to my building (!!!) as my Mum is a big fan of herbal teas. The place is called 'Si le thé m'était conté', which I believe means something along the lines of 'Tales of Tea' and is an absolutely adorable name. Although most of the Kusmi Teas were either black or green, there were also some 'Lov' teas on show which were more herbal (and in equally as colourful packaging). I was treated to some Vanilla Rooibos which came in an adorable little pot and meant that I also had to finally buy a tea strainer... no complaints there. I find it bizarre how most French coffee shops just don't seem to understand the concept of a standard English Tea, as in they pretty much never provide you with any milk and if they do the chances are the tea bag is remarkably weak, yet there are so many beautiful herbal teas everywhere! 

We went for a wonder around the charming streets which I won't go on about again as I'm sure I have done enough already (but seriously, they are great).We were lucky with the weather on Saturday as well, although I'm still anxiously waiting for the temperature to go above 20 degrees so I can spend all day every day at the beach sunbathing.

Georges Café is my absolute favourite café in Montpellier for drinks and also for their delicious Banoffee Pie. Their coffee flavours are amazing and there is so, so much choice. In terms of sweet things, they lack the classic cakes and instead offer more dessert type dishes like Cheesecake, Chocolate Crumble and a Pistachio Tart.Yummy yummy.

Can we please just stop what we're doing and appreciate this b e a u t i f u l Cappuccino? It was a 'Cappuccino Aromatisé' with caramel flavouring and a chocolate topping. My love for coffee has definitely become stronger and stronger since living in France, and I'm sure this is probably not a good thing, but when they look like this why on earth would I say no?!

It was so lovely having my parents to stay for the weekend, and I can't believe I have two whole months left now before seeing them again. I guess this is something I'll get a lot more used to when I'm older, but I'm used to seeing them every month pretty much, so it's a bit strange. 

On the plus side... only two months left here?! I am so not okay with that, but it does mean I've suddenly been enjoying this semester a lot more than I was back in January, and throwing myself into social things. I'm also determined to make more use of this blog, and now that I have an iphone 5S (my 4S was stolen!) I'm going back to having a camera at the ready most of the time.

4 comments on "Tales of Tea // Si le thé m'était conté"
  1. I need to go to that tea shop now, can I come and visit haha! I LOVE tea and get a bit over excited at cute tea shops that sell ALL the tea! Georges Café looks amazing too, that coffee looks delcicious! Oh, and I love your photo's they really seem to capture the atmosphere.xx

  2. jessisratherstrange .1 April 2015 at 14:34

    Looks like you had an amazing time! So pretty ^_^ x

  3. Lovely. Time spent with family is always the best!

  4. Tales of Tea - that is a cute name, and the cafe does look cute with all of those colourful chairs. It must have been so lovely to see your family again. :) I hope they enjoyed their stay!


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