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A Family-Free Easter Weekend

8 Apr 2015
The title of this post makes it almost sound like I actually wanted my Easter weekend to be free from any family - which I didn't. I did, however, have a fantastic if not slightly unusual weekend with friends, sunshine, British chocolate and homemade chicken goujons.

Easter Saturday consisted of a very ambitious trip to the beach with my friend Jaz. We saw the glorious sunshine, we made a plan, we hopped on the tram to what we hoped would be a sunny beach, and we hopped off the tram onto what actually turned out to be a very cloudy and windy beach. Never the less, a beach is a beach, and it was still warm and lovely. We ended up on an hour and a half long walk along the sea.

When Mum and Dad visited last weekend they brought a very much appreciated British chocolate feast with them. Fortunately for my flatmate, I am very good at sharing (/don't think even I can handle that much chocolate) and donated half. We managed to save most of it till Good Friday and now, as predicted, Rowan has quite a bit left and I have nothing. Story of my life.

On Easter Sunday Rowan's family popped in for a visit on their way to Provence, I skyped my whole family and my best friend from home, and then went over to Anna's for dinner. Evenings spent with a small group or even just one person, yummy homemade food, dessert and wine are my absolute favourites, especially here in France.

Easter Monday was 19 degrees for Montpellier, so myself and Anna decided to grab a bagel and soak up the sun on the grass by the river. Unfortunately, despite having burned on Saturday due to my lack of suncream, I still hadn't learnt my lesson by Monday and consequently burned half my legs, half my neck and one arm. Yay. Clever me.

All in all I have had a surprisingly lovely Easter Weekend and I hope you all did too. Here's to more sunshine, more happy days and perhaps a little less sunburn...
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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I also enjoyed the sun and ate too much chocolate. Just what is needed really!xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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