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2 Apr 2015

I am a sucker for great TV and great movies. I think going to the cinema is one of my favourite pastimes and I absolutely love snuggling up on a big sofa in front of the TV (as do most of us, I expect). Lately I've had quite a lot of spare time and not a lot of commitments, so I've managed to revisit a few old favourites, and start some new shows which are constantly being recommended to me.

Away We Go
- This is such a gentle, light-hearted movie where not much happens, but it's great because not much needs to happen. It's definitely one for those down days when you need a cute, simple 'feel-good' movie.

Kiki's Delivery Service
- I would consider myself to be a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies, but when I look at how many there actually is I really haven't watched that many. My favourite used to be My Neighbour Totoro, but after being told that I would absolutely love Kiki's Delivery Service I finally gave in. It is so, so adorable, and slightly less weird than a lot of his other movies!

How to lose a guy in 10 days
- This has always been in my top ten chick flicks, but I haven't actually watched it in years. So when my flatmate confessed to never having actually seen it (-_-) I sat her down and showed her how great it was. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are a fantastic duo, and the whole movie encompasses a sweet (but not too sweet) romance, along with a fanstatically hilarious storyline. Now she realises where I get a lot of my sayings from..

About Time
- It just makes you happy to be here, ya know. It makes you want to appreciate each day more and find the good in everything. This is also up there with my favourite feel-good movies and it's also adorably funny. And I love the fact that the main male actor isn't unbelievably and stereo-typically attractive, I don't know why and I am all for a beautiful male lead but it's kind of nice, given the nature of this film.

Parks and Recreation
- I love Amy Poehler. The only reason  haven't ordered her book yet is because I'll be back in England in two months and I can't bring back too much. I was completely (and shamefully) unaware of this hilarious comedy despite the fact that it's been around for years, but my sister introduced me to it and now I'm hooked. It's the perfect light, silly comedy which requires no concentration and just seems to get better and better! 

First Dates
- I hate awkwardness and I really, really hate cringey moments. As in I will literally run out of the room when something truly awful and awkward happens on TV and if it's in real life then well... So I thought I wouldn't be able to handle this programme, but it's too funny to miss. I have found myself running out of the room when it gets too embarrassing for the couples but all in all it's a great watch and makes me feel a lot more chilled about dating than I did before!

Raised by Wolves
- A very new, kind of strange, kind of crude but at the same time hilarious comedy from Channel 4. This programme is centered around an unconventional family and it seems to be surprisingly original.

Gossip Girl
- I re-watched every single season of this last semester and I am so not even remotely ashamed. It was almost even better the second time, almost.
Yeah so as you can tell, I like films, I like shows. What're your current favourites? Not that I need anymore to add to my 'To Watch' list...
8 comments on "Watching Lately"
  1. Ahhh I love going to the movies or curling up on the couch with a good bout of Netflix. I love the Miyazaki flicks, my favorite has always been Princess Mononoke. I think because when I was little the thought of riding a wolf seemed amazing. I really liked Away We Go and Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows ever. I highly recommend Amy Poehler's book, but in audiobook form - she's a great narrator :)

  2. Ahh I wish I had the time to rewatch Gossip Girl... Best show ever!!

    I've started watching the rather cringy 'The Royals' on E!... It's so bad but so addictive.

    Don't judge!

    Emily xx

    Auburn Antics

  3. Half of these I haven't even watched yet, and some of these I haven't even heard of.

    Thanks for sharing! xx

  4. I've never actually seen how to lose a guy in 10 days either! Will have to give it a watch

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. It is SO good! Hilarious and cute :) x

  6. Haha better make a start then ;) x

  7. I'm clearly making the most of my year abroad ;) I watched a clip of that via Gogglebox and it looked really un-funny but I might give it a go! x

  8. I haven't watched that one before! Ah I didn't even think of getting the audio book! That is such a good idea, and completely gets rid of the taking a big hardback copy in my suitcase problem! x


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