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Bakespiration on Pinterest Take 1: Cupcakes

9 May 2015
Ever since my exams completely almost finished, I've spent far too much time on Pinterest, and despite deciding to go on a health kick, most of my pins have been of some seriously indulgent chocolatey goodies. I am genuinely surprised that my flatmate hasn't commented on my squeals of joy whenever I find anything particularly delicious looking (so, every minute). Anyway, seeing as I'm heading back home to my beloved baking equipment soon, I figured I'd start a list of some of my absolute favourite recipes so far. Kind of like, a baking wishlist?

They're just so adorable I can't deal.

No explanation needed for this killer combo. 

God I love marshmallows. And chocolate. 

I'm quite embarrassed to say that I genuinely believed I didn't like salted caramel until a few months ago. Luckily, when I moved next door to a cupcake shop in France I quickly saw the light and I've never looked back.

Because everyone needs their 5 a day.

Look how cool these look!! I didn't even own a piping bag until around this time last year, so it would take a lot of time, effort and patience to get this beautiful appearance. Worth a try though, right?

I discovered cookie dough cupcakes a few years ago and I fell in love.

I have developed an unhealthy attitude towards gin and I intend to continue that attitude indefinitely. I'm slightly skeptical of alcoholic baking, but then again I've never actually properly attempted it. This Summer is the one.

Are any of my readers avid Pinterest users as well? Have you pinned any yummy foods recently?

1 comment on "Bakespiration on Pinterest Take 1: Cupcakes"
  1. They always look so perfect. When I attempt them, I am about half as successful. I hope you can do much better than me!!


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