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Daytripping in Avignon: Palais des Papes & Views of Provence

2 May 2015

Hey, guys! I'm back with some more photos from my day trip to the beautiful city of Avignon in Provence. I raved about the place in Part One, and I will absolutely rave about it again in Part Two.

Although we only spent a day here, we managed to fit in quite a lot, including a visit to Pont d'Avignon, the Palais des Papes, and a walk up to the park for some stunning panoramic views. After eight months of living in France, I am still not even remotely bored of acting like a tourist everywhere I go and still get very snap happy when a find a new little gem! I have one month left here and I'm going to take as many pictures as possible, go to as many new cities as possible, and try out as many new cafés as possible - just watch this space.

Ooooh hey there 'cringey/looks like I'm posing but I really wasn't I promise' picture...

I love a great view as much as the next person and am always more than happy to climb a bit to get there. This one certainly didn't disappoint!

And here is the attractive looking Palais des Papes, which (trivia time) was a residence of the Popes, and is apparently one of the most important gothic buildings in Europe! 

Next on the cards is (fingers crossed) Toulouse and Bordeaux, Vaison once again and Girona in Spain!
4 comments on "Daytripping in Avignon: Palais des Papes & Views of Provence"
  1. Have a fantastic last month in France. I'm so excited that the Eurostar have started going direct to Avignon and Marseilles, these photos make me want to book a trip now.

  2. Enjoy every last minute of your time in France. Time goes too fast! Thanks for the pics!

  3. Thank you, Lisa! Oh wow, I didn't realise that. That's great news, it's definitely worth a visit! x

  4. Thank you, Bronwyn! It really does go so fast, I can't believe I'm leaving so soon. x


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