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Afternoon Tea at Oakley Hall, Hampshire

24 Jun 2015

My Mum and I love our cake, scones, finger sandwiches and tea. So, what better way we thought, than to celebrate a 'special' birthday of hers with an extra special fancy-schmancy afternoon tea? 

So we set about booking Oakley Hall Hotel, which came highly recommended from a lot of Mum's work colleagues. I knew it was some sort of a hotel, but I didn't realise that it was actually a country house style place with beautiful grounds and everything. The setting was absolutely stunning and reminded me of the kind of houses depicted in Jane Austen novels which will always be a win for me. Luckily the sun appeared for just enough time for me to take a few snaps outside as well as inside. 

Aside from the acres of stunning garden and countryside, Oakley Hall also served up a pretty delicious afternoon tea. Everything about it was beautiful: the pristine white tablecloths, the pretty red roses, the adorable little jam jars. The quantities were also perfect and I felt sufficiently stuffed but not to the point of an uncomfortable food coma. The interior of the restaurant was also incredibly luxurious and perfect for a special occasion like a birthday (although I would happily go there on non-special occasions if I could, like every weekend!)

I can imagine that this place would be absolutely perfect as a wedding venue and sure enough, there was a little wedding party going on inside when we left.

 If you're ever in the Hampshire area, around Basingstoke and in need of a luxury afternoon treat, then Oakley Hall is a great option!

5 comments on "Afternoon Tea at Oakley Hall, Hampshire"
  1. jessisratherstrange .24 June 2015 at 13:44

    Oh my gosh, that looks so cute! Great photos! x

  2. Was so glad to see an afternoon tea post pop up on my bloglovin feed this morning!

    Wow this one looks good, all those cakes!!! My favourite afternoon teas are always in gorgeous country hotels, they're usually the very best and a great place to relax!

  3. Look at that food! And that setting! Gorgeous. Perfect for a lovely celebration!

  4. This looks amazing! Love me some afternoon tea. I need to get down Hampshire way, it is such a lovely area of the city! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I love reading afternoon tea posts as it's one of my favourite things to do. All your photos look fab and it does look like the dream wedding venue :)

    Emma xx


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