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Montpellier & Its Coffee Shops

10 Jun 2015
If you don't like pretty pictures of coffee shops and yummy food then hang your head in shame and leave right now, please.

I've been saying that I'll write a summary of my favourite coffee shops in Montpellier all year, but I really wanted to try them all before I did. Well, I managed a solid 70% I'd say, which is pretty good considering I was there for 9 months in total. I was also going to rate them, but they're all blooming fantastic, so what's the point? 


My ultimate favourite for coffee presentation. I also got a caramel cappuccino from here which was delicious and always beautifully presented. The Banoffee pie was also demolished by me on multiple occasions.

I read about this being the best place for coffee, and it really was. It also did an incredible Speculoos Fondant on the weekends, which was literally heaven to me.

I was lucky enough to be a few seconds away from this dainty little cupcake shop. They definitely made the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, and have an adorable vintage interior. 

This was my favourite café at Christmas time because it was so magically decorated. The drinks weren't the best I've had, but the inside was enough to draw me back in time and time again in the winter months.

The owner of this café is unbelievably sweet and makes the most wonderful cupcakes.

I cannot tell you how much I adore the Duo Chocolat Coeur Caramel which is served here. It's literally a chocolate fondant with a salted caramel inside and it's just top, top notch.

This was just down the road from my apartment and was where I spent many afternoons catching up with my friend Anna. It was always full of various nationalities (primarily British), which made it feel ultra homely. Oh and their Chai Latte is f a n t a s t i c. And they're really friendly. Win win.

This café reminded me of an ultra stylish London café, with great coffee and a sophisticated interior.

With an additional shoutout to these beauties:

Creperie Jean Moulin
French Connection (which I never even knew existed but is apparently THE best for lunch).
Fairview Coffee
Café Noisette
Food Corner (Bagels galore)
Bagel & U (More bagels)
Bagel House (More bagels)

Imogen x

5 comments on "Montpellier & Its Coffee Shops"
  1. I want to go to all of these places. I LOVE hanging out in coffee shops and I keep meaning to do a post similar to this about the ones I love in York, I just never seem to get around to it! xx

  2. Wow you found some beauties. I bet you're gutted you can't bring them all back home with you!

  3. I think you can guess how much I like this post... Coffee & Cake. I'm sold!

    (Pleaseeee can we catch up now you're back in the UK? London day trip?)

    Emily xx

    Auburn Antics

  4. Do it! I'd love to see one for York because I'm definitely planning on going there a few times for daytrips next year when I'm back in Leeds! x

  5. I love cute cafes!!! These all look lovely :)

    Emma xx // alittlefreckle


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